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Will iPhone 4.0 Include Apple's Latest Patents?

Apple has been prolific in the patent department lately, especially when it comes to patents that relate to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The latest filing shows a process that would allow someone on a phone call to send files to the other party without ending the call or leaving the phone app.

iPhone Apple Patents

The iPhone would automatically determine where to send the files based on the contact information of the person connected. Even if multiple parties are in a conference call, the person sending documents, emails, contacts or text messages could send this data in one step while still connected to any of the participants.

iPhone Nano Patent Surfaces: Here We Go Again

The (inaccurate) furor over an impending iPhone Nano just got a shot in the arm. Apple patents described by MacNN have revealed a device that looks remarkably like a smaller version of the iPhone.

iPhone nano resurfaces

The device is approximately the size of the current iPod Nano, only 1/4 inch thick. Although the patent describes a front screen, the biggest change from current designs is a pressure-sensitive tactile control on the back.

Samsung Unveils 1GHz iPhone Processor

Samsung, the maker of past iPhone processors, has revealed its latest ARM chip. Clocking at an outrageous 1 GHz, this chip only consumes 640mW of power.

apple iphone 4.0

The new ARM, nicknamed Hummingbird, uses the same Cortex-A8 architecture featured in the iPhone 3GS. The new chip includes Neon, which speeds up video and audio tasks.

The Hummingbird is the first ARM-based processor design to be built by Samsung using a 45 nanometer assembly process. This keeps energy efficiency at a maximum and lowers the heat emissions of the chip. The Hummingbird only requires one volt of power to operate.

iPhone 3G S Features Not Revealed at WWDC

But wait, there's more! There are still some details about the iPhone 3G S that were not announced at the WWDC keynote speech. In fact, we're betting that even more information will be revealed when the new model actually hits the streets on June 19th.

apple iphone OS 3.0 3G S

Apple did not mention the specifications of new hardware in the iPhone 3G S on Monday. Turns out a T-Mobile site in the Netherlands has verified that the RAM has been doubled to 256 MB.

More iPhone Video V3 Photos Leak Ahead of WWDC

Last chance people! The WWDC keynote speech is tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped more spy photos from leaking out. This blurry image from iSpazio shows the iPhone in an active iChat videoconference.

apple iphone 3.0

We see a dark bezel and green light matching some other spy photos that have been released. The quality of the image is poor... this wouldn't be a difficult image to fake. Is it a requirement that "leaked" photos are always out of focus or motion-blurred?


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