Light field photography coming to Apple devices?

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Evidence is mounting that Apple is working on several projects related to light field photography, for possible inclusion on future devices. While specs on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 cameras are not currently known, Apple patent activity and a recent acquisition revolve around advanced imaging technologies. Light field images were first made widely available with the launch of the Lytro camera, which makes it possible to capture an image and refocus afterwards.

How to Pause and Restart Video Recording in iOS

The jailbreak tweak RecordPause brings some old-fashioned in-camera editing to the iOS Camera app. Normally videos are recorded and edited later, by bringing together different clips with software. By adding a pause button to active video recording, RecordPause makes it possible to stop and restart recording in the same video file.

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Once installed, tapping the time counter when recording video will put the stock Camera app in pause mode. The interface turns yellow, and the viewfinder preview dims. To restart recording tap the time counter again. When finished recording, stop the video normally and the in-camera edit will be saved to the Camera Roll.

Apple Patents iPhone Camera with Light Splitter

Apple is continually improving the iPhone camera, and it comes as no surprise the company has been awarded another patent in this area. The latest, simply titled Digital Camera with Light Splitter illustrates a possible camera upgrade for future iPhones.

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According to AppleInsider, the design would further improve low-light performance and color accuracy. The camera works by splitting incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths. This would allow three independent imaging sensors to capture the scene.

Camera+ Adds iPhone 6 Support, Today Widget and More

When it comes to iPhone photography apps, Camera+ is one of the most powerful and versatile of the bunch. A large feature set comes packaged inside a slick user interface that's easy to use. The goal of Camera+ is to improve iPhone photos for everyone from casual users to photography enthusiasts. An update to version 6.2 was launched today.

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Those who already own Camera+ can grab the update free. Others will have to drop $3.99 on the App Store to see what all the fuss is about. New features added to Camera+ make the app an even more convenient way to capture and share photos with the iPhone.

Photo Deleting App, Purrge Updated with Cat Sounds, Today View Widget and More

The fast photo deleting app, Purrge, has been updated with a few new features that makes it even more fun and easier to use. Version 1.1.0 of the app adds an interesting widget that allows users to see how many photos they currently have in their Camera Roll and Recently Deleted folder from their Today View screen. You can learn how to add the Purrge widget to your Notification Center by following these instructions.


The Purrge developers have also been listening to customer feedback and have added a Select All button, and they are currently allowing users to vote on the next feature they will add to the app. To vote, just swipe down on an individual picture within the app and answer the question.


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