How to Turn iPhone Burst Photos into Animated GIFs

Ever notice how groups of photos taken in Burst Mode resemble the frames of a video? This comes as no surprise, as the images are captured at high speed. Now the app Burstio makes it possible to create a video or animated GIF directly from a burst group. The process is straightforward; simply open the app and select the Burst Mode photos to use.

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The preview can be trimmed, using the same interface used to trim video length. Once the desired frames are selected, touch Export and a menu will appear. Animated GIF will create a 320x240 animated GIF, which can be saved to the Photo Library or shared. There are also options to save your work as a Full HD Video or an HD Video. Options to increase or slow the playback speed are also provided, for special effects.

Delete Multiple iPhone Photos at Once Using Purrge

It is easy to fill your iPhone or iPad with too many photos that take up precious storage, but it is not easy to quickly delete them from your Photos app. You can store up to 5GB of photos on iCloud for free, but what do you do with all the duplicates, blurry mistakes and pictures of your ex? AppJester has an answer called Purrge.

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Purrge is a new app that allows you to quickly search through your photo library and delete multiple photos at once. You can do this by either swiping across multiple photos while in a grid view, or you can view them individually and swipe up to move them to your Purrge trash bin. You can then tap the tiny Purrge logo in top right hand corner to delete the marked images from your phone. The app is so simple to use there is really nothing else to say about it.

Apple Tops Nikon in Flickr Most Popular Cameras

With over 10 billion photos uploaded in 2014, Flickr has plenty of data to crunch on popular cameras. Each year the company takes a look at the ongoing trends in camera use amongst its 100 million users. Smartphone ownership continued to grow last year, with Apple and Samsung making significant gains on Flickr.

iPhone 6 Plus camera Flickr

According to the Flickr blog, Apple has now overtaken Nikon in the race for second place ranking. Canon retains the top spot with 13.4 percent ownership, with Apple and Nikon following at 9.6 and 9.3 percent respectively. For its part, Samsung surpassed Sony in 2014, taking fourth place with 5.6 percent. This leaves Sony in fifth place at Flickr with 4.2 percent ownership.

5 Ways to Back Up iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Photos

It's been said the best camera is the one you have with you. For iPhone owners, the camera is always one swipe away. While this can be an excellent way to document people, places and events, images pile up quickly on an iOS device. Just like any other important data, it's critical to back up irreplaceable photos before something goes wrong.

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There are many ways to transfer photos from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a computer or cloud backup. Choosing one or more solutions and using them often will ensure that your images are safely stored. iCloud is a native iOS solution, which comes with 5GB free storage. There are also third-party iOS apps that will back up photos, and several methods to transfer pictures to a computer. Here are the top five ways to back up iOS photos:

Improve the iOS 8 Camera with CameraTweak 3

Good news for iPhone photography buffs who have jailbroken devices. The popular mod CameraTweak has been updated for iOS 8. Now in its third version, CameraTweak 3 continues to deliver, bringing useful enhancements directly to the stock iOS Camera app. While iOS 8 now includes many features that were once the province of jailbreak mods, CameraTweak still adds more.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak CameraTweak 3

Once installed, CameraTweak will immediately be visible when the Camera app is opened. The settings for CameraTweak 3 include a complete user manual, for those who would like more thorough documentation. Toggles make it possible to switch various features off, or add advanced operations to the Camera app. Information such as ISO setting and shutter speed is also displayed.


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