How to View Exif Photo Metadata on the iPhone

Every photo taken by the iPhone contains Exif metadata, which details everything from an image GPS location to camera and exposure information. The stock Photos app in iOS 7 will organize photos by date and even display them on a map, however the Exif data is hidden. Viewing all of the Exif metadata or GPS coordinates for a particular photo requires a third-party app.

view Exif data iPhone

Exif Wizard is free on the App Store and covers the basics with a simple interface. To view Exif photo metadata on the iPhone, first install Exif Wizard. Once installed, run Exif Wizard and when prompted, give the app permission to access your photos.

How to Resize a Photo on the iPhone

Despite the incredible quality of the iPhone camera, some basic editing functions are not included in the stock Photos app. For example, while cropping an iPhone Photo is pretty straightforward, there is no built-in way to resize an image. Emailing a photo may provide the preset options small, medium and large, but what about a custom size?

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Luckily there are plenty of options in the App Store when it comes to resizing photos on an iOS device. The six free apps mentioned here mostly provide the basics for a one-time resize or infrequent use. There are also five paid apps listed, which often provide more features and a more polished (and ad-free) user experience. The third-party apps here are just a sampling of similar offerings on iTunes, which reduce the megapixel size of an image.

How to Flip a Picture on the iPhone

Flipping an image horizontally or vertically with the stock iOS Photos app is not possible. Pictures can be rotated with the Edit function, however getting a mirror image of the photo requires third party software. Fortunately, there are many free options on the App Store. One versatile example is Adobe Photoshop Express.

Click here for instructions on how to rotate (spin) a photo around.

iOS adobe photoshop mobile1

To flip a picture you have taken vertically or horizontally, install and open Photoshop Express. Give the app permission to access the Camera Roll, then tap Open from Camera Roll to import the image you wish to modify. The image will load.

How do I save both normal and HDR photos to the iPhone camera roll?

iPhone photographers have the option to save both a normal version of a photo and HDR version when using the stock iOS camera app. Saving both versions of the image requires that a toggle in settings be enabled. Otherwise, HDR mode will only save the HDR photo, discarding the normal version.

iPhone HDR photo save normal

To enable Keep Normal Photo follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Photos & Camera


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