Using Burst Mode on the iPhone 5s

Burst mode is one of the latest additions to the stock iOS Camera app. With burst mode, limited to the iPhone 5s, images can be captured in Photo or Square mode at 10 frames per second. Up to 999 photos can be taken in a single burst. Recent interface improvements make it easy to choose the best photos from a burst group before discarding the rest to free up storage space.

iPhone iOS 7 burst mode

Initiating burst mode requires no prior setup. Simply open the Camera app, frame your shot, and hold down the shutter release button. This works with the on-screen button and the volume buttons. Rapid fire captures will start, with matching sound effects and a frame count displayed on the screen. In the example above, 8 separate photos were taken in under a second.

Burst Mode on the iPhone? Try SnappyCam Pro

Getting the perfect action photo can be tough, especially using the iPhone camera. Normally with burst mode on a DSLR camera, a scene can be captured many times per second by simply holding down the shutter release. Now this continuous shooting capability has arrived on iOS with SnappyCam Pro.

SnappyCam Pro app

To snap a series of photos at up to 60 frames per second, simply hold down the shutter release button in SnappyCam Pro. The volume up or down buttons can also be used, with the app storing every photo in its own roll. The best photos can be selected and exported to the iOS Camera Roll or Instagram, shared via email or copied to a computer using iTunes app file sharing.

Simulate Light Field Photography on the iPhone

There's no shortage of different ways to capture and share photos with the iPhone. One thing the camera cannot do is snap a light field photo. These images, pioneered by Lytro, can be refocused after they are recorded. Now with FocusTwist this capability can be simulated on the iPhone.

FocusTwist app iOS

The app creates refocusable images by snapping several photos in a row, using different focus settings for each one. After they are combined by FocusTwist, you can share a link to the resulting image on Twitter. People viewing your work can then focus on different parts of the scene, much like the result of using a Lytro camera.

Polaroid Launches Official iPhone Camera App

With all of the retro iPhone photography apps that are available, filters and borders that simulate Polaroid instant prints have been popular. Now Polaroid has finally entered the game with their own official iPhone photography app.

iPhone app Polaroid

For $0.99 you can purchase the Polaroid Digital Camera App and take advantage of 15 preset filters and colored borders. Filters can be seen instantly through live preview.

Snap iPhone Camera Photos Remotely With iOS 5

Thanks to a built-in feature of iOS 5, the iPhone can easily take photos without ever touching the display screen. You may already be familiar with the fact that pictures can be taken by pressing the up volume button on the side of the iPhone, much like the shutter release on a compact camera. This improves the picture taking experience on the iPhone, but can still shake the device.

iPhone cable release iOS 5

Photographers looking to stabilize their cameras during shooting look to use a remote control, or a cable shutter release to snap the photo without touching the camera. iPhones come with a modern version of the cable release in the Apple Remote Earphones.


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