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Trusted Source Gives Engadget the Skinny on the 3G iPhone

According to a recent post, Engadget has it "on authority" that the 3G iPhone is already in the hands of a few privileged beta testers and is undergoing trials for a possible release come July 2008. Previous rumors have suggested that the second generation iPhone is scheduled for a June 2008 release, so this falls roughly in line with previous indications.

back of the new 3G iphone?

Engadget's source, which they describe as "trusted," gave the low-down on some of the 3G iPhone's highlight features, which include

Goldman Sachs Predicts Two iPhone Upgrades for 2008

Goldman Sachs released predictions for the iPhone over the next year or so. In addition to predicting strong holiday sales for the iPhone and iPod, analyst David Bailey predicted that Apple will likely issue two upgrades to the overwhelmingly successful iPhone, instead of simply releasing the second generation model.

According to Bailey, Apple will release a "smaller" upgrade in the first half of 2008 which would basically be the existing iPhone with upgraded storage. Given the existence of the 16GB iPod Touch, it's not much of a stretch to imagine Apple releasing a 16GB iPhone a couple months after the holiday season closes. By doing such, Apple could potentially squeeze a few

3G iPhone Coming to UK Vodaphone in Spring 2008?

There's a new rumor floating around the internet concerning the next generation iPhone. Though this may be the one millionth rumor about a second generation, 3G iPhone - it's the first one in a while, so we figured we'd report on it.

3g iphone coming to vodaphone?

According to unwir3d, a variety of European mobile phone sites/blogs are reporting that Apple and Vodaphone have reached an exclusive deal which will bring a 3G, second generation version of the iPhone to

Next Generation iPhone to Offer 3G, WiMax, and 24 Hour Talk Time?

You're probably guessing that the title is a cheap teaser designed to get everyone's attention while offering nothing but unfounded speculation about the mysteries of the universe. Well, you'd be wrong - for the most part. Sure, the title is intended to catch your eye, but there's some real meat here. While absolutely nothing is clear, news from part suppliers suggest that Apple may be eyeing up Intel's recently announced Moorestown MID (Mobile Internet Device) platform for use in an upcoming model of the iPhone. What's more, the perks mentioned in the title are just a sampling of what Moorestown is expected to bring to the table.

intel logo mid platform

Based on the upcoming 2008 Menlow MID platform, Moorestown will be the product of a new, cooler, 45-nanometer manufacturing process which Intel says will produce chips for mobile devices and handheld PCs that are ten times more power efficient than today's chips. Such power efficiency could result in an iPhone, or other mobile device, which can offer 24 hours of usage on a single charge, according to Intel.

On top of the power saving features of Moorestown comes a beefy lineup of hardware offerings and support. The new chips will integrate CPU, GPU and memory controllers functions. Both Moorestown and it's predecessor, Menlow, are expected to support 3G, WiMAX (4G), hardware accelerated 3D such as OGL2.0, HD video decoding and


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