Add Reminders to iOS Home Screen Without Jailbreak

Finally a simple way to add reminders and lists of tasks to the home screen on any iOS device. We've already covered the jailbreak tweak Reminders+ which allows reminders to be pinned to the lock screen. Now those with iPhones that are not jailbroken can enjoy similar convenience from a free app.

Task Paper home screen list iOS

Task Paper (not the similarly named TaskPaper, which costs $4.99) can be installed from the App Store and provides a simple way to keep your reminders visible on the lock screen. The app works by creating your list of tasks using pre-set backgrounds or your own wallpaper, then generating a custom lock screen wallpaper containing all of the information.

How to Respring your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Those who are familiar with jailbroken iOS devices know that a quick respring can solve many problems and make changes take effect without bothering to completely reboot everything. Well now there's a trick you can use that quickly resprings the iPhone without actually jailbreaking at all.

iOS respring no jailbreak

Setting up a shortcut to respring your device at will is simple, and requires taking advantage of a loophole in iOS folders. Follow these steps to set up the respring trick for your iOS device:


How to Hide Any iOS App Without Jailbreaking

We've previously seen tricks on how to hide the Newsstand app icon without jailbreaking. Now there's a new tip that will hide any iOS app icon from the home screen using the Newsstand. If you find yourself interested in hiding icons in an out-of-the-way place, the Newsstand is great because it provides an infinite-sized folder to hold as many apps as you want.

hide apps in newsstand

The only catch is that as soon as you reboot your iPhone, the icons will reappear on your home screen. In the meantime, you can access all of the hidden apps using the Search function on your device. Here are complete instructions on how to hide app icons using the Newsstand without jailbreaking your iPhone:


Pin Reminders to iOS Lock Screen with Reminders+

Wouldn't it be convenient to keep the most important pending reminders in a place where you'll actually read them throughout the day? Now with the tweak Reminders+ and a jailbroken iOS device, users can link specific tasks from the stock Reminders app to the lock screen.

iOS jailbreak tweak Cydia Reminders+

The tweak works by adding functionality directly to the Reminders app. Simply tap and hold the reminder you want to pin to the lock screen, and a menu will pop up. Tapping Add Bulletin or Remove Bulletin will add or remove the reminder from the lock screen, it's that simple.

Remove Battery Icon from iOS Status Bar with Bolt

Some tweaks do simple things and do them well. If you are lucky enough to have a jailbroken iOS device, Bolt will make some extra space in your status bar by removing an obvious redundancy. Apple includes the option for users to display battery percentage remaining under Settings -> General -> Usage.

iOS tweak Bolt

What Apple did not provide is a mechanism to subsequently remove the battery status icon from the screen. Why show the empty/full battery icon and the battery percentage next to each other? Bolt adresses this quirk by removing the battery icon once and for all.


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