Koostic iPhone Dock Boosts Sound Without Electricity

Looking for a natural solution to amplify the sound coming out of your iPhone speakers? Koostic now offers a line of completely electricity-free iPhone docks made of high-quality wood. They are finished with orange oil and beeswax instead of harsh chemicals. The dock will amplify sound 2-4 times the normal volume of your iPhone speakers.

apple iphone wood dock koostic non-electric

Koostic creates dynamic sound with acoustic amplification through specially designed sound channels and hemispheric sound chambers. As the Koostic website explains, the technology is similar to that used in an acoustic guitar. Strumming a hollow wood body will increase the volume.

Although this product has certain appeal, those listening to specific kinds of music heavy on the bass end will be disappointed when comparing Koostic to a typical powered amp with speakers. Six different wood combinations are offered using Cherry, Walnut, and Birdseye Maple. Obviously the Koostic will not charge your iPhone, but don't try plugging it in anyway. In order to properly rest in the unit for optimum sound quality the USB cable must remain unplugged.

This cool non-electric sound booster ranges in cost from $85-90 with free shipping for the holidays. Each unit is hand-made by the inventor and developer, a long time woodworker. Koostic is compatible with all generations of iPhone and holds the device you own at a comfortable 15-degree angle for complete music and volume control.


> Strumming a hollow wood body will increase the volume

You have to strum this thing? And then the volume will increase?