iPhone 4: Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon

Dev-Team are in the final days of developing the next jailbreak solution upgrade for iPhone 4 users running iOS 4.2.1. Release could even happen this week if recent Twitter activity from team members is to be believed. Most recently MuscleNerd announced that "it’ll be here by Xmas (not because we’re sitting waiting for Xmas, but because it’s achievable deadline)" when asked about an untethered jailbreak via Twitter.

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Although he has since removed the post, an earlier message from comex pointed to a release before the Christmas holiday. When asked "I want a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for christmas :P" by another Twitter user, comex replied, "you’ll get it."

As of yet, there has been no official announcement regarding an untethered iPhone 4 jailbreak on the Dev-Team Blog. The team has released an updated redsn0w, now at version 0.9.6b6. All recent iOS devices can be jailbroken thanks to a combination of past exploits including pwnage2, arm7_go, 24kpwn, and limera1n. Some reports have surfaced that Apple may have patched the limera1n exploit in the latest iPads shipped with iOS 4.2.1.

The current version of redsn0w only jailbreaks certain model iPhones untethered. All iPhone 4 owners will need to wait for a new solution from Dev-Team that makes it possible to do this untethered. Otherwise, the device will require a tethered boot to operate in a jailbroken state.

If you just can't wait a few days for the Dev-Team to finish up, follow these instructions to jailbreak your iPhone with redsn0w. All eyes will be on the Dev-Team this week as iPhone 4 owners anxiously await the next release. Time will tell if these developers meet their own deadline for a Christmas release.


I can't wait. The tethered jailbreak for iphone4 dosent cut it. It will be well worth the wait!

when is the real jaibreak going to come out for the iPhone 4?

With over 300,000 fully legal apps for my iPhone... I just really don't have any need to jailbreak anymore.

The extremely small benefit just isn't worth it.

This isn't 2007 anymore.

I do it more for the mods and themes. Not so much for apps, but that's just me. ; )

The app store could have a trillion apps. Wouldn't matter. The benefit of JBing (for me) has more to do with themes and tweaks than apps. The app store doesn't (and never will) have those. SB settings, lockinfo, bitesms, GOC HD, the list goes on and on...more beneficial now than ever.

LOL, I can tell you either haven't used a jail broken phone or didn't know how use any of the the features, not only is it a huge benefit in customizing the phone how you want it, I would go so far as to say I would not even considering buying an iPhone anymore if for some reason the ability to jailbreak it was taken away. Here's a few of the reasons you may want it, albeit I'm not saying I condone all off these things but nevertheless here is basically what you get: 1. ability to get all 300,000 app store apps for free 2. free tethering 3. facetime over 3G 4. no data download limit over 3g 5. numerous customizations that either fix annoying things or improve things on the iPhone that you would never live without once you've had them.

HI i have 4.2.1 iphone 3gs tethered jailbroken? can i again do an untethered jailbreak when it will come out for ios 4.2.1? Thanks

Have a 3GS which ran into a nightmare from 4.2.1 upgrade and long story short the iTunes backup went kaput and the photos and videos on the phone ended up being deleted. So, I wanna jailbreak to capture (cp or dd) the 3GS disk image to run some sort of undelete on it. However, I don't want to render the 3GS into tethered mode. I can wait out the untethered solution being discussed, however, is there another jailbreak solution I can use that will not have any other implications in which to capture the disk image? TIA

Its crazy how people just spread all of this information about how to jailbreak IPhones. Steve Jobs is probably pissed! I'm starting to compile some links and info here, http://untethered421jailbreakiphone.blogspot.com/

please,kindly help me and advice me on what to do,i have iphone 4 4.2.1 and my sisters also have 3gs and 3g 4.1 i don't want to tamper with the baseband please can i wait till the solution will come out.please i need an advice on what to do now they want me to get them another iphones cause i upgraded theirs