iPhone 5C Video Shows Details of Plastic Shell

The iPhone 5C plastic shell has already been leaked in a rainbow of colors and from many different angles. Apple is expected to reveal the new, less expensive iPhone on September 10, but this hasn't stopped Sonny Dickson from showcasing the latest design. The video below not only shows the rear shell of the iPhone 5C in detail, it compares its form factor to existing iPhones.

Close up views of both the inside and outside of the part show an iPhone 5C with similar dimensions to the iPhone 5. In fact, the budget iPhone may share many of the same internal components as the current model iPhone, while the iPhone 5S is slated to receive upgrades. Development of the iPhone 5C could mean that Apple will stop selling older model iPhones at a reduced price, and almost certainly points to the end of iPhone 4 production.

Although the iPhone 5C has been the butt of jokes lately, analysts have been clamoring for Apple to enter the low-budget smartphone segment for some time. Rumors have been swirling around upgrades to the iPhone 5 flagship iOS device, with the iPhone 5S expected to have several exclusive features over the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C may not include Siri functionality, and certainly would not include a fingerprint scanning home button. As seen in the video, the plastic iPhone has a cutout similar to the iPhone 5 for an LED flash. In contrast, leaked iPhone 5S parts have shown a larger cutout presumably designed for a brighter dual-LED flash design. Several sources have indicated the iPhone 5C will come in many different colors, with matching rubber volume buttons on the side of the device.

Look for more leaks ahead of Apple's September 10th iPhone event next month.