Apple News of the Week: Cord-cutters rejoice, MARVEL's Civil War, and more

MARVEL Contest of Champions iOS

Apple TV owners and others looking for live TV channels will have more options next year. Hulu and YouTube have announced plans to launch streaming bundles for a monthly subscription. Speaking of monthly subscriptions, Apple will reveal a revamped Apple Music at WWDC this year in a bid to improve the service. MARVEL fans can now enjoy Captain America: Civil War content in the iOS game Contest of Champions. Read on for more details on this week's top Apple news.

Live TV coming to Hulu and YouTube in 2017

Apple is rumored to be working on a 25-channel live streaming TV package for monthly subscription. While Apple TV owners and others keep an eye out for this service, rivals YouTube and Hulu have announced plans to launch similar services in 2017. Negotiations are said to be ongoing between content providers and the two companies. Pricing could range from $35-40 per month, allowing subscribers to access live television channels from anywhere with a data connection. Cord-cutters are quickly getting more options for live TV, with Sling and PlayStation Vue already on the market.

Apple Music will re-launch at WWDC 2016

Apple Music is about to get more intuitive, according to reports centering around Apple's developer conference in June. A major update to the service and its user interface is expected to launch at WWDC this year, with a focused advertising campaign to follow. Apple seeks to increase the number of subscribers and address critics. Apple combined iTunes Radio and Beats into Apple Music in 2015. The service was met with complaints for its lack of a free tier and complicated user interface, however Apple Music is already 11 million subscribers strong.

The most influential gadget of all time: iPhone

The iPhone was heralded as the most influential gadget of all time. Time magazine ran a story listing the 50 most influential gadgets, and several Apple products made the list. In addition to the iPhone, the original Macintosh, the iBook laptop, and the iPod also made the list. Other familiar gadgets receiving the honor include the Sony Walkman, the Victrola record player, several cellular phones and gaming consoles, and the DJI Phantom quadcopter. Time made special mention of the App Store, explaining that the iPhone popularized the mobile app, which forever changed everything.

iPhone 7: Smart Connector a new way to charge?

The rumor mill has been spinning faster when it comes to iPhone 7. Just Friday, Japanese blog Mac Otakara claimed that Apple has abandoned the Smart Connector altogether on the iPhone 7. Regardless, there are interesting things that could happen should Apple decide to produce the iPhone 7 with a Smart Connector on the back. A variety of new accessories may crop up, including battery cases and charging docks. The Logi BASE from Logitech has already proven the concept when it comes to charging the iPad Pro. With the Smart Connector a magnetic link to the iPad is made immediately, no Lighting jack required.

Civil War content comes to MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions has been updated with Civil War content, tying the title into the movie Captain America: Civil War. The game features new solo events to compete in, and special Civil War events where players can join Team Cap or Team Iron Man. Players can also earn faction-specific Shards, daily prizes, Milestone Rewards and compete for Rank Rewards. The update also brings several improvements, such as Leaderboard support and other features. The game loosely follows the events of the 1982 comic book series Contest of Champions. Captain America: Civil War opened on Friday, May 6.