Apple rolls out iOS 15.7 for security fixes

iOS 15 logo

Most of the focus lately has been on iOS 16, Apple's latest iPhone operating system. Apple has also provided an important security update to iOS 15. This means that Apple has released two updates side-by-side, iOS 15.7 and iOS 16. iPhone owners can elect to install the iOS 15.7 patch or do a full upgrade to iOS 16.

The iOS 15.7 update is supported by all devices currently running iOS 15, whereas there are some older models that cannot install iOS 16. Click here for a complete list of iPhone models that support iOS 16. Apple strongly recommends that all users keep their devices updated to optimize security.

Why update to iOS 15.7?

The software includes fixes for 11 known security vulnerabilities, several of which are dangerous kernel-level bugs.

Apple does not often launch iOS updates back-to-back. When an update is unexpected, it means Apple is acting quickly to fix what could be a serious vulnerability. Sometimes these security issues have even been actively exploited on Apple devices. When a known problem can be patched with a minor iOS update, releases such as iOS 15.7 are rolled out to all users.

iOS 15.7 comes hot on the heels of the recent iOS 15.6.1 security update, which some iPhone owners have not yet installed. Neither of these iOS 15 fixes contain new features, just patches to enhance the security of your device.

The simplest way to stay current is to turn on automatic iOS updates, and plug in your iPhone overnight. For those without automatic updates enabled, the latest software can be installed manually.