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Apple Watch Hermès collection now available online

Apple Watch Hermès collection

Since last October, getting the designer Apple Watch from Hermès required a visit to the store. Not just any store either, as the exclusive Hermès collection was only carried at a limited number of locations. This has all changed, with the collection now available on the Apple Store online and at These unique versions of the Apple Watch are the result of a partnership between Apple and the Paris-based luxury goods manufacturer.

Apple Online Store in Russia Temporarily Closed

Large swings in the value of Russian currency have prompted Apple to stop sales on its online store in the country. An Apple spokesman told Bloomberg the company was going to "review pricing" after the ruble plummeted almost 20 percent yesterday.

Apple Store Russia

While there are still no retail stores in the country, the Russian Apple Online Store has been in business since June 2013. The suspension of sales is not the first time Apple has taken currency-related action. In November Apple increased iPhone prices in Russia after monitoring changes in the ruble.

Apple Offers Free Shipping On Everything

For a limited time Apple customers can get any online purchases shipped absolutely free. The sale is running until May 29, giving shoppers a few days to pick up gifts for Dads and Grads. Normally shipping costs a few extra bucks unless the order exceeds $50.

free shipping sale

In that case, shipping is free anyway. For smaller orders or items that don't exceed the $50 threshold, now is the time to buy. Apple has run similar free shipping events in the past, usually around major shopping holidays and the like.

Free Gift Cards from Apple for Black Friday

Black Friday deals are here. Apple is offering free gift cards with the purchase of hardware and accessories from retail locations and the Apple Store online. Several iPad models are included in the deals, as well as iMacs, MacBooks and iPods. Unlike previous Black Fridays, Apple has not discounted prices.

Apple Black Friday gift cards

Instead, gift cards range from $150 to $25 depending on the item, and can be redeemed at the Apple Store or online. This ongoing Black Friday special is available at North American retail locations until midnight. Other discounts on Apple products can be found at third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Sneak Peek of Apple's Black Friday Sale

As expected, Apple will offer discounts on many of its most popular products on this Black Friday, November 29. The company has already posted a landing page for this year's sale on its Australian website. Deals can be had in Apple retail stores, online, and using the Apple Store iOS app.

Apple Black Friday leak

Sale prices will take effect starting after midnight on Friday morning and ending at 11:59 PM. Look for promotional pages to pop up soon in other countries, including the US. The standard disclaimers apply, such as the fact that promotional pricing cannot be combined with other offers. If you're shopping in retail stores, the sale prices are only good while the items are in stock.


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