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Apple Retail Stores Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

Apple is taking no chances with its storefronts this week, with a major hurricane bearing down on the northeastern US. 35 retail locations are directly in the path of the storm, and Apple has reportedly taken precautions at up to 50 stores in anticipation of dangerous weather. Several of these locations are temporarily closed due to high winds and the threat of flooding coming along with hurricane Sandy.

Philadelphia Apple Store hurricane

The photo above from Vince Lattanzio shows sandbag installations to prevent flooding at the Philadelphia Apple Store in Center City. There's no need to say that water and electricity don't mix, and Apple's stores could be particularly vulnerable thanks to in-floor electrical outlets and wood displays.

Apple Stores to Accept Payment With iOS 6 Passbook

Pretty soon Passbook users will have another place to flash their iPhone for payment, at Apple retail stores. The EasyPay system already in place at Apple's stores will be updated by the end of October with Passbook support.

iOS App Store Passbook

Although the initial launch may be limited to using prepaid gift cards, once the framework is in place Apple could expand its capabilities. With over 400 million active iTunes accounts linked to credit cards, Apple could accept payment from customers using an Apple ID.

Easy to Use Bluetooth Toggle Still Available in the App Store

In case you missed it, the jailbreak-like application Bluetooth OnOff is still available in the iTunes App Store. Even though the app seems to be in violation of Apple's App Store guidelines, it has managed to survive for six days now. It's unknown whether Apple will pull the app or let it remain, but to be safe, you should probably act quickly.

iPhone Apps

Bluetooth OnOff offers a simple solution to one of the biggest iPhone complaints -- the ability to activate and deactivate your bluetooth easily. Normally a user must navigate to Settings/General/Bluetooth/Toggle to switch their bluetooth on or off. This application saves you time by allowing you to toggle your bluetooth settings just by launching the app. It also offers some kind of bluetooth chat option, but most iPhone owners will only be interested in the simple toggle feature.

VooMote iPhone Remote Now Available at Apple Stores

If you're tired of hunting for lost remote controls, or just have too many cluttering up the house, the VooMote Zapper may be what you're looking for. The iPhone accessory and app turns your iOS device into a universal remote eliminating the need for batteries and multiple remote controls.

iPhone Accessories

Universal iPhone remotes are not a new idea, but the makers of VooMote promise you will love their easy setup wizard and “Teach-In” feature. The VooMote app allows you create room "bundles" so you can easily separate the Blu-ray player in your living room, from the one in your bedroom. You can even substitute buttons for normal IOS swiping gestures.

New Apple Store App Introduces 'EasyTheft' and Personal Pickup

Apple has launched version 2.0 of the Apple Store app which now includes EasyPay and Personal Pickup. EasyPay allows you to pay for items through the app, rather than having to deal with long lines or sales reps. The new feature has been dubbed "EasyTheft" since it makes shoplifting a lot easier. EasyPay will only be available for smaller items like iPhone cases and other accessories. So you won't be walking out with a free laptop in the near future.

Apple Store Version 2.0

Personal Pickup also saves you time by allowing you to purchase items at a retail store while on the go. Items purchased on the app will be ready for pickup within an hour of the sale. This seems like a great time saver for business professionals. You can order an item while eating lunch, and pick it up on your way back to the office.


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