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Apple Store iOS App Gets Enhancements in Update

Apple has launched an update to its official Apple Store application for mobile shopping on iOS devices. Besides being able to research and purchase all of your favorite Apple products, the app now provides notifications that will let you know when you're eligible for an iPhone upgrade at the subsidized price. When you're ready to order your new phone, simply use the app to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Apple store iOS app

Other notifications have also been added, providing shipping information for orders and letting you know when your purchases have been delivered. As always, the Apple Store app makes it possible to order items and pick them up later at the nearest retail location.

Apple Store Launches Holiday Gift Guide

That time of year when Apple offers discounts for holiday shoppers is fast approaching. The company has launched its online Gift Guide to help shoppers find the perfect electronic gift. This year, Apple is focusing heavily on the iPad mini, the latest iOS device to hit the market.

apple online store gift guide

Besides encouraging iPad sales, several accessories are highlighted that can be used in conjunction with iOS devices. Everything from Mac computers to iPhones and musical instruments can be shipped for free on the Apple online store. Apple's Gift Guide is not the only way to find the perfect item for friends and family. Holiday shopping apps such as can track hard-to-find items and send alerts directly to your iOS device when a product becomes available.

Passbook and Siri Now Supported in Apple Store App

The latest major update to the iOS Apple Store app is here. Passbook integration was expected but Apple didn't stop there. Users of the app can now use Siri to get information about Apple products using voice queries.

iOS App Store Passbook Siri support

Changes have been made to point-of-sale devices in Apple's retail stores to complement the additional functionality found in the Apple Store app. Passbook-ready digital gift cards came online just yesterday, and can now be purchased, gifted and used to pay for Apple products.

Apple Retail Stores Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

Apple is taking no chances with its storefronts this week, with a major hurricane bearing down on the northeastern US. 35 retail locations are directly in the path of the storm, and Apple has reportedly taken precautions at up to 50 stores in anticipation of dangerous weather. Several of these locations are temporarily closed due to high winds and the threat of flooding coming along with hurricane Sandy.

Philadelphia Apple Store hurricane

The photo above from Vince Lattanzio shows sandbag installations to prevent flooding at the Philadelphia Apple Store in Center City. There's no need to say that water and electricity don't mix, and Apple's stores could be particularly vulnerable thanks to in-floor electrical outlets and wood displays.

Apple Stores to Accept Payment With iOS 6 Passbook

Pretty soon Passbook users will have another place to flash their iPhone for payment, at Apple retail stores. The EasyPay system already in place at Apple's stores will be updated by the end of October with Passbook support.

iOS App Store Passbook

Although the initial launch may be limited to using prepaid gift cards, once the framework is in place Apple could expand its capabilities. With over 400 million active iTunes accounts linked to credit cards, Apple could accept payment from customers using an Apple ID.


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