Chrome for iOS

How to export your Chrome for iOS passwords

How to see your Chrome for iOS passwords on iPhone and iPad.

Perhaps you've decided to finally take control of the giant mess of passwords you've made over the past decade or two. You've downloaded a password manager and now you need to figure out what services you have passwords for, what the passwords are and what your username is for each login. Safari provides an easy way to view your passwords, but if you've mostly been using Chrome, well you're in luck, as the latest version of Chrome lets you export your passwords in CSV format for easy viewing.

How to transfer Safari and Chrome browser tabs from your iPhone to your Mac

How to open Safari and Chrome tabs from iPhone and iPad on Mac.

The idea of continuity between devices has been around for some time now and is improved upon with each new iOS iteration. Basically it allows you to quickly and seamlessly transfer your work, calls, messages, etc. from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or vice versa. One particularly useful feature on both the Safari and Chrome browsers lets you transfer your tabs, so if you've navigated to a webpage on your phone, you can simply open up the same page on your Mac without having to do something tedious like copy the link and email it to yourself, as you may have done once upon a time.

How to play the hidden game in Chrome for iOS

How to play Chrome's hidden game on iPhone.

The recent Chrome for iOS update (version 54.0.2840.66), in addition to normal bug fixes and stability improvements, contains a hidden game. It is an endless runner type game in which you are a dinosaur running through a desert, jumping over cactuses and low-flying pterodactyls. If you are looking for a mindless time-wasting activity on your iPhone or iPad, here's how to access it:

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