How to use Continuity Camera with your iPhone and macOS Mojave

How to use Continuity Camera with your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

In the recently released macOS Mojave, Apple has added another feature to its Continuity suite called Continuity Camera. The feature lets you take a photo or scan a document with your iPhone's camera and have it instantly available on your Mac. Continuity Camera works with several native apps including Pages, TextEdit, Keynote and Notes, and basically bypasses several steps that you would normally take to get a photo from your iPhone into a document on your Mac.

How to transfer Safari and Chrome browser tabs from your iPhone to your Mac

How to open Safari and Chrome tabs from iPhone and iPad on Mac.

The idea of continuity between devices has been around for some time now and is improved upon with each new iOS iteration. Basically it allows you to quickly and seamlessly transfer your work, calls, messages, etc. from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or vice versa. One particularly useful feature on both the Safari and Chrome browsers lets you transfer your tabs, so if you've navigated to a webpage on your phone, you can simply open up the same page on your Mac without having to do something tedious like copy the link and email it to yourself, as you may have done once upon a time.

How to use Universal Clipboard with your Mac and iPhone

How to use Universal Clipboard with your Mac and iPhone.

Along with the addition of Siri and Apple Pay for Safari, macOS Sierra introduces the Universal Clipboard, which allows you to share your copy and paste clipboard between your devices. This is another Continuity feature like Handoff that allows you to seamlessly start a task on one device and continue it on another.

How to use Handoff between iPhone and Mac

How to use Handoff between a Mac and iPhone.

Handoff is one of the features of the Continuity suite that debuted with iOS 8 that lets you pass information between apps on different devices using a Bluetooth connection. For example, you could start an email on your iPhone, then hand it off to your Mac and continue from there. Handoff works with a number of apps including Mail, Messages, Safari, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Phone and Reminders, as well as some third party apps.


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