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How can I fix Google Chrome crash on my jailbroken iPhone?

Some iPhone owners who have jailbroken their devices and recently updated Google Chrome to version 25.0.1364.86 are experiencing crashes after opening the app. Google has acknowledged the problem and has a fix in the works. In the meantime, you can prevent Chrome from crashing by following these steps:

1. Uninstall the Google Chrome app.
2. Open the App Store and reinstall the Google Chrome app.
3. Open Google Chrome and when asked quickly choose to send usage statistics to Google. Press the Accept and Continue button.

Google Chrome iOS Browser Gets Update

Google Chrome joins Google Maps in getting an update on the iOS App Store this week. The latest Chrome browser adds a feature already familiar to Safari users. Holding the back browsing button will bring up a menu of recently visited web pages.

Chrome iOS update

The back button function is a shortcut to accessing the history right from the main browsing window that can save time. With this update to Chrome 25 for iPhone and iPad, Google has also made it possible to share a web page using Messages.

Is Your iPhone Being Overrun With Google Apps?

I've recently noticed that my iPhone is starting to look like a Google billboard, and I'm starting to wonder if other iPhone owners are feeling the same way.

YouTube beat out Instagram as the most downloaded free app of the year, and Google Maps shot to the top of the charts after being downloaded over 10 million times in less than two days. Granted, YouTube and Google Maps were already popular apps people were used to using, and iPhone owners just wanted them back after Apple removed them with iOS 6. But if you're like me, and have traded in Siri for Google Search, and Safari for Google Chrome, you might feel like you're betraying Apple a little.

Google iOS Apps

Then there are Gmail users and the social networking addicts who use Google+ along with Facebook and Twitter, and now Google is taking over our iPhone cameras with YouTube Capture. At this rate iPhone users are going to find themselves with more Google apps on their devices than stock Apple apps, or any other third party apps.

Make Google Chrome and Third Party iOS Apps Faster by Giving them a Nitrous Boost

If you prefer Google Chrome (or any other browser) over Safari but use Safari because it's faster, I have the perfect jailbreak tweak for you. iPhone users can now give Chrome and other third party apps a speed boost with a new jailbreak tweak called Nitrous.

Jailbreak Tweak

Safari is faster than other mobile browsers on the iPhone because Apple restricts access to the fast Nitro Javascript engine in iOS. Nitrous levels the playing field by unlocking the Javascript block for third party apps. This allows browsers like Chrome and apps like Tweetbot to perform much better.


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