How to update Apple Watch OS

update Apple Watch software

Now that Apple has released the first update to Watch OS, many watch owners may be wondering how to install the new software. Unlike an iOS device such as an iPhone, the Apple Watch cannot be updated directly from Settings. There are several steps to consider before updating Apple Watch to the latest version of Watch OS. Follow these how-to instructions to update Apple Watch:

How to Add Trash as a Swipe Option for Mail (You Want This)

If you haven't set up swipe options for your Mail app on your iPhone or iPad (with iOS 8) or if, like me, the recent upgrade to iOS 8.3 returned them to default, then you definitely want to set them up again. Adding "Trash" in particular is, well, I don't know how I managed email on my iPhone before I had it. With it, you can send unwanted emails directly from your inbox to the netherworld with a mere flick of your finger. Unfortunately, it is not at all obvious how to set it as a swipe option. If you haven't done it before or you need a refresher, here's how:

For setting swipe left as trash

1. Head to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and choose the email account you want to set it up on (likely you want it on all of your accounts so you'll have to do this on each).

How to set Trash as a swipe option in iOS 8.

How to Kid-Proof Your iPhone With Guided Access

The internet abounds with horror stories of kids who have spent hundreds, even thousands of their parents' dollars while playing games on their iOS devices, or have deleted important messages or documents, or have gotten into adult material on the internet, and so on. While there are ways to block mature content and disable in-app purchases, the Guided Access feature found in the Accessibility options gives you even tighter control of your device.

The iOS Accessibility options are primarily intended to assist people with disabilities, but many of the features have turned out to be useful outside of that scope. Guided Access is one of those, and with it you can hand over your iPhone to your child without having to worry about any inadvertent calamities ensuing. It lets you have your iPhone stay in an app for a period of time that you set. You can also fine tune what controls will be available while Guided Access is engaged. Here's how to use it in iOS 8:

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and scroll down to Guided Access. Tap on it.

Use guided access to child-proof your iPhone.

2. Toggle Guided Access on. You can also set a passcode here that will be used to leave Guided Access. If you don't set one here you will be prompted to set

How to Convert YouTube Videos into iPhone Ringtones

Making unique ringtones can be a fun way to customize the iPhone. There are vast supplies of audio clips available on YouTube, which can easily be converted into iOS ringtones. While there are software packages capable of ripping YouTube audio to a computer, these instructions will focus on a browser-based method that takes less time.

iOS YouTube to ringtone 1

Start by finding the YouTube video you wish to convert into an iPhone ringtone or text tone. Open the YouTube video in a web browser on the computer, then follow these instructions to create a ringtone file:

1. Copy the entire URL of the YouTube video from the address bar (this starts with

How to Set Rules for Your iCloud Email

Rules are not only a great way to organize your iCloud email inbox, but also can be used as an effective spam filter. Rules are filters that you create that are applied to every incoming email, so you can have emails routed to your various folders, keeping your inbox uncluttered and your messages organized. Emails from your friends can go to their respective folders, messages about an upcoming vacation can go to a vacation folder, junk mail can go straight to trash, and so on. Rules are simple to set up, here's how:

1. Log into your iCloud account and go to your email. Click on the gear shaped icon in the lower left (this is the "Actions Menu") and click on "Rules."

How to create rules for your iCloud email.

2. The Rules window pops up. To make your first rule, click on "Add a rule" on the right hand side of the window. This brings up another small window, where you'll create the rule.


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