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Halloween App of the Week: Zombie Deathmatch

Zombie Deathmatch Scarecrow

Last week we took a quick look at three new zombie games in our App Store recap. One of those games was Zombie Deathmatch -- a F2P zombie fighting game. In Zombie Deathmatch you're a human who survived an outbreak that transformed some humans into zombies. You goal is to build a roster of zombie fighters to take out the voodoo priest Papa Rainbow, who killed your zombie friend after he refused to join his team.

Halloween App of the Week: GhostCam Camera FX

GhostCam Camera FX

GhostCam Camera FX is a photo editing app that allows you to add spooky ghosts to any of your photos. The app is simple and fun to use. Just open the app and select the "Take photo" option to snap a new image, or you can select an already existing photo from your Camera Roll. The app offers 13 different characters for you to add to your images. The ghosts include some familiar faces such as Freddy Krueger, The Shining Twins, Samara from The Ring and more.

Halloween App of the Week: Count Crunch's Candy Curse

Count Crunch's Candy Curse

Count Crunch's Candy Curse is the perfect side-scroller for mobile gamers who are looking for a spooky casual platformer to pay this Halloween. The game follows Skeleton Boy on Halloween night after he opens a familiar looking box of cereal and accidentally curses his town. Skeleton Boy must use his enchanted glow stick to blast candy-filled monsters and stop the evil Count Crunch, who is hellbent on ruining Halloween.

Halloween App of the Week: Bungee Mummy: Challenges

Bungee Mummy: Challenges

Bungee Mummy: Challenges is the second game in Steampunk Wizards' Mummy series. The first title, Bungee Mummy: King's Escape is a lot like last year's Halloween App of the Week, Skullduggery. The goal of the game is to use your bandages to swing around ancient tombs like Spider-Man and defeat the evil Solark who has stolen your throne. Bungee Mummy: Challenges is a bit different in that it consists of four mini games instead of individual levels for you to complete.

5 iOS Games to Help You Get Into the Halloween Spirit

We've discovered a lot of horror-themed games while looking for the best Halloween apps this year. Here's a quick look at some of the games that caught our attention. We did not test all of these games. This is just a list of available new titles that have a horror / Halloween theme. You can also see a list of existing titles that have been updated with Halloween content here, and check out the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 here.

Slender Man Origins 2

Slender Man Origins 2 (Free) Based on the popular internet meme, Slender Man Origins is a horror quest title where you must find your missing daughter using only your wits. The game features large and detailed locations with dark dungeons and mysterious catacombs to explore, immersive music and beautiful HD graphics.

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