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iOS 8 Gains More Ground in Firmware Stats

Holdouts with iOS 7 installed on their iOS 8 compatible devices now account for just 33 percent of total users. Apple metrics collected on the App Store point to a slowdown in iOS 8 installations, which initially soared in the early days after release. Still, the number of iOS 8 adpotions continues to tick upward.

iOS 8 metrics 12 2014

The total number of iOS compatible devices running iOS 8 currently stands at 63 percent. This leaves only four percent of newer hardware running iOS 6 and earlier firmware. The jump from iOS 6 to iOS 7 was a more dramatic redesign, with users installing the update at a much faster clip.

Top 10 Privacy Settings for the iPhone and iOS 8

Some might say that privacy is nonexistent in the digital age, however Apple may beg to differ. The iPhone and iOS 8 provide many options to limit sharing and ostensibly increase privacy on these mobile devices. Privacy settings are a matter of personal preference, and making sure the Settings are configured to your liking will prevent any surprises.

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Those who are not concerned about location or data sharing will find the default iOS 8 settings work fine. Others will want to look at these must-have privacy settings for iOS 8 to determine what makes them comfortable. Arguably the most often used and most intrusive technology on the iPhone involves location sharing, thanks to built-in GPS. So accordingly the list of top 10 privacy settings for the iPhone and iOS 8 starts here:

Fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi Problems with This Tweak

Some iOS 8 users have reported Wi-Fi problems such as slow speeds and other performance issues. Developer Mario Ciabarra suspects the Wi-Fi inconsistencies are because Apple is "using Bonjour over AWDL" and "constraints" of the Wi-Fi hardware make this difficult. Click here to see Mario's detailed write-up on the issue.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Wi-Fi problems

The good news for those with jailbroken iOS 8 devices is Mario has released a tweak called WiFried to solve the problem. Once installed, WiFried provides a toggle in Control Center AirDrop settings. The toggle will disable AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link) support, allegedly improving Wi-Fi performance. Note that while AWDL is disabled, AirDrop will not be available.

How to Put Five Apps in the iOS 8 Dock

There are many ways to add icons to the iOS 8 dock, but the tweak betterFiveIconDock keeps things simple. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have more spacious displays, so this tweak takes advantage of the extra room on these two devices.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak betterFiveIconDock

Once installed, a fifth app icon can be dragged and added directly to the dock. Going back to four icons means simply dragging the extra icon back onto the main home screen. The best part is what happens when the iPhone 6 Plus is rotated into landscape mode.

How do I get rid of the face bubbles in my App Switcher on the iPhone?

If the Recent Contacts in your App Switcher are giving you flashbacks to the awful Facebook Chat Heads, or you just hate staring at the faces of your friends and family, here's how you can banish them for good:

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1. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
2. Tap the "Show In App Switcher" panel
3. Tap the "Recents" slider to Off / White



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