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8GB iPhone Expected to Launch Within a Few Weeks?

Why rush the next-generation iPhone when older iPhone models are still selling well? On Monday, the research firm NPD revealed that the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 helped Apple increase its smartphone market share in Q2 of 2011. While Google's Android grabbed 52 percent of sales in the U.S., Apple still had two of the best selling phones so far this year. Proving there is no need to flood the market with new devices on a daily basis. However, the same report revealed that one in five new phones sold in Q2 were on a prepaid plan, and that the prepaid phone market is still emerging.

iphone 4 chip

On Tuesday, Reuters dug the iPhone 4S out of its rumor grave, by claiming Apple is working on a new flash drive for a lower-priced 8GB iPhone 4 which will be released in a few weeks. While Apple fanboys and tech bloggers have their eyes glued to the iPhone 5, and the new rumored October 7 release date, does Apple plan on sneaking out their "affordable" iPhone in September?

iPhone 3GS Free at Best Buy For One Day Only

A leaked advert published by TechnoBuffalo shows that Best Buy believes the iPhone 3GS is on its way out. In a one-day only sale, Best Buy is offering the device for free with two-year activation. Presumably to make room for the next generation iPhone.


This could be a great way for first time iPhone buyers to jump on the Apple bandwagon, unless Apple really plans to release an affordable iPhone this fall. I can't imagine anyone would want to get stuck with an old device, when an affordable newer iPhone may be on the way.

Is Apple Preparing to Discontinue the iPhone 3GS to Make Room For Two New Models?

Tech bloggers, analysts and all those unnamed secret sources seem to agree on one thing; Apple will embrace the mid-range/pre-paid mobile phone market this year. What they don't agree on is how they will do it. Will Apple follow tradition and discontinue the iPhone 3GS, or will they give it a new look and offer it at an affordable price? Some people believe that they preparing to launch two new models, the iPhone 5, and a cheaper device to attract people on a budget. Decreases in the iPhone 3GS supply chain seem to suggest that the device is on its way out. This could be a sign that Apple is clearing space for their rumored new models.

iPhone 3GS discontinued

Several sources revealed to 9to5Mac that shipments of the iPhone 3Gs are rapidly decreasing in other countries and even the United States. A decrease in iPhone 3GS stock could be a sign that the device's days are numbered.

Thrutu Launches Android Multitasking App for the iPhone

After receiving 250,000 downloads on the Android Market, Thrutu decided to bring its popular multitasking app to the iPhone.

The app allows users to share photos and important information with other Thrutu users without interrupting their conversation. This is a great tool for giving people directions by letting them know where you are. With the touch of a button, you can instantly send someone your location and view each other on a live map while talking on the phone. You can even snap pictures of landmarks to make it easier for your friends to locate their destination.

iOS 4.3.4 firmware update iTunes

AT&T Offering Refurbished iPhone 3GS for One Cent

No joke. AT&T Mobility has begun to offer "refurb cosmetic blemish" 8GB iPhone 3GS models on its website for $0.01 with a two-year contract. Those who aren't comfortable with scratch and dent products can get a normal refurbished iPhone 3GS for only nine bucks. Nine dollars! Pricing on a brand new iPhone 3GS remains $49.

ATT offers refurbished iPhone 3GS one cent

All of these deals as shown above on the AT&T website require a two-year commitment. The pricing changes have fueled speculation that Apple could be stopping production of the 3GS in preparation for an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 launch as early as this fall.


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