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Sprint iPhone Rumors Gain More Steam

Where will Apple bring its iPhone next? Most of the speculation revolves around Verizon Wireless, the largest cellular carrier in the US. There are new rumors that Sprint could also benefit from an end to the the exclusive iPhone agreement Apple and AT&T have had since 2007.

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Any move to Verizon or Sprint would make a CDMA iPhone necessary, while service on T-Mobile and AT&T already work with the current GSM model iPhone. Several sources have told MacRumors that Sprint is preparing for an iPhone 4 release on its network in September 2010.

More iPhone OS 4 Features Revealed in Beta 4

Some really useful and interesting features are on their way in iPhone OS 4.0. The operating system is expected to launch this summer with Apple's next generation iPhone hardware. The same firmware will make its way over to the iPad in the fall.

apple iphone os 4.0

iPhone OS 4 beta 4 includes ample evidence of video conferencing, including a "Video Calls Debugging" section on field test models of the latest hardware. Speaking of the hardware, a lost iPhone 4 in Vietnam was broken down and found to feature Apple's A4 processor, the same powerhouse that runs the iPad.

Specifications for iPhone 4G Leaked?

Well it's that time of year again, and the number of speculations, leaks and purported photos and videos of the next-generation iPhone is sure to increase. The latest blurb to sweep the web involves tech pundit John Gruber mocking the Wall Street Journal for not having any interesting information. He then goes on to drop some killer specs for the upcoming iPhone release.

apple iphone fourth generation

This mockup of the next generation iPhone has nothing to do with Gruber's information (predictions?) but we liked the fact that it resembles the iPad. Back to the specifications of the iPhone 4G:

iPhone 4G Replacement Screen Featured in Video

The dimensions of the next generation iPhone already made news when alleged photos of a 4G replacement touchscreen and digitizer were released. The newer version was 1/4 inch (6 mm) taller than its predecessor and appeared to have space at the top or even a cutout for a possible front-facing camera.

Now a video of the same part has hit YouTube, and the appearance of the replacement LCD and digitizer assembly looks very similar to the photos we've already seen. Soundtrack selection notwithstanding, this video clearly shows an elongated iPhone screen. That being said, Apple has been known to change specs on its products anytime before launch and will never let on before an official unveiling.

Report: Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon Wireless in 2010

The furor over a Verizon Wireless compatible iPhone refuses to calm down. None other than the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today that a CDMA-capable iPhone is indeed under development by Apple and will see release in the US this year. The Verizon iPhone will be one of two new models introduced during Apple's annual iPhone product line refresh this summer.

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Apple (AAPL) and Verizon (VZ) jumped one percent after the news release, while AT&T shares (T) lost almost the same amount. AT&T is currently the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone in the US. Speculation and rumors have swirled around a Verizon version of the iPhone for months, if not years now.


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