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iPhone 4 Pre-Order Woes Continue, Launch Day Complications

Apple fans who expected to get their hands on the iPhone 4 next Thursday may end up disappointed. The system crashes caused by 600,000 pre-orders have resulted in inconsistent confirmation emails as AT&T's pre-order system remains temporarily closed for business.

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Apple now lists the iPhone 4 as shipping July 14, almost three weeks after launch day. Best Buy has suspended pre-ordering and has warned customers with a pre-order that they are not guaranteed an iPhone 4 on launch day. Instead, the pre-order will put them in a queue to receive their devices as soon as inventories are replenished after June 24.

Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Orders SOLD OUT

Apple claims to have sold over 600,000 iPhone 4 units in just over a day. Customers struggled to pre-order yesterday as online systems failed and eligibility verification was inaccessible for hours at a time. The mad rush for the next generation iPhone has resulted in shipping delays and the complete suspension of AT&T Wireless pre-ordering.

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Apple now lists the iPhone 4 as "Shipping by July 14," a full three weeks later than the original June 24 release date. Apple retail stores will open on June 24 at 7:00 am across the country, however it's first come first served and if the online demand is any hint, the lines could rival those of the original iPhone.

Apple iPhone 4: Coming to T-Mobile Soon?

Forget about Verizon Wireless. The next US carrier to get the iPhone 4 after the exclusive AT&T deal is over could very well be T-Mobile. Rumors of Apple negotiating with Verizon won't go away, however it seems more logical that T-Mobile could be the next step for iPhone.

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Analyst Shaw Wu at the investment firm Kaufman Brothers made waves when he said he expects a T-Mobile iPhone 4 to arrive this fall. T-Mobile has compatible network technology and handles a variety of smartphones on its network. In fact, its parent company already has iPhones on networks in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Holland.

iPhone 4: Everything You Need to Know

Steve Jobs officially showed off the iPhone 4 today at WWDC 2010. He described the iPhone 4 as the "biggest leap" since the iPhone was first released in 2007. Although photos of the new iPhone have been seen already, the design is quite impressive.

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Antennas are integrated into the stainless steel frame of the new iPhone and aluminosilicate glass that's 30 times stronger than plastic makes up the front and back surfaces of the device. The iPhone 4 is 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4 Release Date June 24th, Pre-Order Sooner, Pricing Announced

Ongoing is Apple's WWDC 2010, featuring a bevy of announcements about the new iPad, the new iPhone OS 4 (newly dubbed "iOS4"), Apple's new iAds platform, and the new iPhone itself. Though everyone wants the juicy details about all of Apple's announcements, perhaps the most important tidbit from today's WWDC is when the new iPhone 4 will be available in the US and overseas.

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