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Survey Says: Bigger iPhone 6 Could Lead to 15 Million More Sales

At this stage of the game it is all but certain that the standard iPhone 6 will have a larger, 4.7" display and there will be a larger, phablet-size model with a display somewhere in the 5.5" - 5.7" display. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes that the larger displays could translate to a 30 percent increase in sales.

iPhone 6 mockup rendering

In a note to investors released Wednesday morning and provided to AppleInsider, Huberty said that up to 15 million more iPhones may be sold due to the larger displays. She bases her analysis on a survey of smartphone buyers that asked whether people would choose an iPhone over competing smartphones if it had a

Report: iPhone 6 to Feature Aluminum Shell and Curved Display

Citing "reliable information" the Japanese blog Macotakara claims that the iPhone 6 will feature a curved display, rounder edges and a metal housing. This is not the first time we have heard whispers of a curved iPhone being developed by Apple. In November of last year, Bloomberg reported that the company is working on two next-generation models with larger curved displays.

iPhone 6 Rumors

Recent leaks to Chinese websites such as Weibo also seem to confirm the next-generation rumors. A purported image of a white iPhone 6 bezel revealed that a possible 4.7-inch diagonal handset is in the works, and leaked next-generation prototype cases show third-party accessory makers are also buying into the larger iPhone rumors.

iOS 8 Home Screen Leaks: TextEdit, Watch Utility and More

Already in testing, iOS 8 has been spotted again, this time installed on an iPhone 5s. Home screen icons have not been significantly redesigned, however several new apps have been added by Apple. Healthbook, TextEdit, and Preview apps were previously leaked on a Chinese forum and confirmed as authentic by 9to5Mac sources. However, the icons for these apps were from OS X and had not yet been redesigned for iOS.

iOS 8 home screen

The latest leaks have been compiled by PhoneArena, showing what appears to be a more refined version. Not only this, but a stand-alone iTunes Radio app already rumored to be in development can be seen on the screenshot below. While these icons on the iOS 8 home screen don't come as a major surprise, a so-called Watch Utility app has appeared for the first time.

New iPhone 6 Mockup Incorporates the Latest Leaked Details

Every time a supposed new detail about the iPhone 6 is leaked, mockup renderings depicting the new information quickly appear all over the internet. Now that we are getting closer to the release date, the leaked information is more accurate, comes from legitimate sources and is based on physical evidence rather than wild speculation. This latest mockup by renowned Dutch concept artist Martin Hajek is probably the most accurate depiction to date, as it is based on the latest leaked iPhone 6 specs.

iPhone 6 mockup rendering

The renderings that surfaced on French site nowhereelse are based on sketches that were obtained by Japanese site Macotakara. The mockups show two different size next generation iPhones, which is all but a certainty at this point, and a sleep/wake button that has been moved to the right side of the unit. This agrees with the well

What is the iPhone 6 release date?

UPDATE: Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available on September 19, 2014. Pre-orders will be taken starting on September 12.

Apple's next generation iOS smartphone is said to be entering mass production for a third quarter 2014 launch date. This puts the iPhone 6 on track for release between the months of July and September. For comparison, the iPhone 5s release date was September 20, 2013.


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