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Apple NFC Patent Could Debut on iPhone 5

It may not be the first time we've heard about Apple considering Near Field Communication (NFC) for a future iPhone, and it won't be the last. The technology has the potential to make paying for things as easy as passing your device near a wireless NFC cash register. Patently Apple has uncovered a recent NFC patent filed by the company in December 2011.

iPhone patent NFC gifting

The premise of the patent is that iPhone owners could use NFC technology to easily share music with their friends or family. The process would work by allowing the user to wirelessly send a gift such as a song to a nearby iPhone. Sharing from the iTunes playlist would cost money, which would then be deducted from the gift giver's account.

T-Mobile to be iPhone Compatible by 2013

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray announced that the carrier will "be compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone" sometime next year. This means T-Mobile iPhone users will finally be able to enjoy 3G HSPA+ speeds once the company deploys its 4G network in 2013. This is very good news for the one million T-Mobile customers who are stuck accessing the carrier's slower EDGE network with unlocked iOS devices.

iPhone Carriers

Chief Executive Officer and President Philipp Humm said he wants T-Mobile to be known for “4G services, 4G devices and a great 4G network," but added that the carrier is not interested in offering the iPhone until the "right terms” come along. U.S. Cellular also turned down the iPhone 4S in 2011 due to "Apple's unacceptable terms of business."

Apple Plans to Invest $1 Billion in LCD Screen Factory

Apple plans to invest $1 billion dollars to secure a supply of LCD screens after having issues with LG Display and Samsung.

LCD Screen

The proposed move is a product of the Samsung/Apple feud. Apple is looking to move away from their new rival, and invest in a Sharp Corp factory to manufacture LCD screens for iPhones and iPads in the future. Japanese chipmakers are hoping to benefit from the switch, and are preparing for increased orders from Apple if they can't patch their relationship with Samsung.

"If the situation escalates into a state of war, this could mean a huge shift in orders," an unnamed source told Reuters.

Apple Samsung Feud Will Affect iPhone 6 Production in 2012

Forget the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, how about the iPhone 6? The Apple/Samsung catfight has made things awkward for the two companies, and may cause Apple to move to its orders for A6 processors to Taiwan.

Apple A6 processor

The iPhone's A5 chips are currently made in Korea, the latest battleground for Apple's lawsuit against Samsung. Apple alleges that Samsung's Galaxy S and other mobile devices "blatantly” copy its technologies and designs.

iPhone 5 Not Likely to Support 4G LTE

Hoping for a blazing fast 4G LTE compatible iPhone 5 to hit shelves later this year? Don't hold your breath. Although competitors to Apple's iPhone are already coming out with LTE phones, analyst Sam Greenholtz from Telecom Pragmatics claims Apple will wait for the iPhone 6 use the technology.

apple iphone 6 LTE 4G

A report in The Street explains that Greenholtz has communicated with sources who say the LTE iPhone 6 is already under development. June or July 2012 is Apple's target launch date, which also gives carriers including AT&T and Verizon more time to roll out their LTE networks to full capacity.


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