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iPhone 6 may have Illuminated Apple Logo

In recent weeks there has been no shortage of mockups and "leaked" photos purporting to show iPhone 6 hardware and cases. The latest one comes from Australian site Macfixit, and it shows something that suggests the new iPhone could have an illuminated Apple logo on its back panel.

iPhone 6 rear casing

The photo shows an aluminum rear casing panel with what appears to be a cut out Apple logo. All of the iPhone models thus far have incorporated an Apple logo on the back panel, but they have been etched and polished rather than cut out, as you can see in this iPad Pro prototype. So, if this photo is trusted, it seems that Apple

Foxconn to Manufacture 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 launch date approaching, likely around mid to late September, Apple is getting its supply chain in order. According to Taiwanese electronics newspaper, DigiTimes, the Cupertino giant will employ Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn Electronics to handle the bulk of production.

iphone 6 mockup rendering

The report says that Foxconn will be responsible for 70% of all 4.7" models in 2014 and 2015, while Pegatron Corporation, also headquartered in Taiwan, will handle the other 30%. Manufacture of 4" models (iPhone 5) will be outsourced to

iPhone 6 Backlight Panel Photos Leaked

More alleged iPhone 6 parts have surfaced on China's version of Twitter. A Weibo user posted several photos of what appears to be the next generation display backlight. According to Nowhereelse.fr the design of the leaked backlight matches current parts from the iPhone 5s, except for one thing.

iPhone 6 backlight leak

The ribbon cable position and connector have been updated, indicating changes to the part. While the original poster claims the backlight is indeed 4.7 inches diagonal, the origin and size of the part could not be independently confirmed. Assuming the backlight is real, production of the larger iPhone 6 handset must be in full swing.

Morgan Stanley Predicts iPhone 6 Will Have NFC Chip

It's no secret that Apple has been steadily progressing toward a mobile payment system. Through iTunes and the Apple Store the company already has a massive customer base and enough stored credit card information to grab the attention of retailers. Since it first debuted last year, iBeacon technology has quickly been adopted and deployed by many major retailers, including Macy's, Virgin Atlantic and Major League Baseball among others. The company also charged its online stores executive, Jennifer Bailey, with building an in-house payment system. NFC (near field communication) chips would be a key ingredient and the next logical step toward mobile payments.

Apple predicted to incorporate NFC chip in iPhone 6

In a note to investors that was shared with AppleInsider, Morgan Stanley analyst Craig Hettenbach wrote that Apple will likely adopt NFC technology and incorporate the chips in future devices, making it a "core part of its mobile payments strategy." He also pointed to a report earlier this month that claimed Apple is working with

Apple Employees' Vacation Time Restricted in September for Possible iPhone 6 Launch

Starting with the iPhone 4s, Apple's last few iPhone launches have occurred in the fall. The 4s had an October 2011 release date, the 5 was released on September 21, 2012, and the 5s and 5c were released on September 20, 2013. Judging by a report from iFun.de (via MacRumors), it appears that Apple will continue the tradition this year and launch the iPhone 6 in the latter half of September.

iphone 6 mockup rendering

According to the report (the authors of which have "little reason to doubt the reliability of the source"), Apple will be restricting leave time for German Apple Store retail employees in September, which is what the company did last year, from September 15th to the 28th. The iPhone 5c, 5s and iOS 7 all launched during that window. The move will likely be expanded to include retail employees world-wide. Many analysts have already pointed to September as the likely launch time, but this


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