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How to use Apple's battery usage chart for the iPhone

iPhone Battery Health

Apple introduced new battery health charts for the iPhone in iOS 12. The battery Usage and Activity charts can be found in the Battery section of the Settings app. The new tools are an extension of the Battery Health tools introduced iOS 11.3. iPhone users can now see their last charge level, and battery usage by apps broken down by the last 24 hours and last 10 days.

How to claim a refund for iPhone battery replacement

iPhone 7 battery

It's official, iPhone owners who had their out-of-warranty batteries replaced last year can receive a $50 refund for the service. The announcement from Apple is a follow up to the $29 battery replacement program, which continues until the end of 2018. As the full price of battery replacement was previously $79 for eligible devices, this $50 credit brings pricing in line with the discounted program currently in place.

How to check your iPhone battery with iOS 11.3 or later

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Apple has expanded the Battery Health feature with the launch of iOS 11.3. Following questions from users about battery life, iPhone battery replacement, and power management issues when batteries are degraded, iOS now delivers more battery information. Finding out whether your iPhone battery is a candidate for replacement is simple.

How to get more battery life out of your iPhone X

How to improve battery life on iPhone X.

Battery life is a perennial concern for smartphone users as the technology always seems to be a step behind in delivering what each year's new hardware and software demand. The iPhone X, however, has a superb battery that easily lasts all day and more with moderate use. Even so, those who want more out of their batteries can go above and beyond the normal power-saving measures and tweak a few settings on iPhone X to get some more juice thanks to the handset's OLED display.

How to disable battery throttling on your iPhone

iPhone Battery Health

Apple has added a Battery Health section to some iPhone models in iOS 11.3. The performance management feature was created in response to Apple's CPU throttling controversy. The new section in the Settings app allows users to view their maximum battery capacity and disable the performance management feature.

All rechargeable batteries, including iPhone batteries, become less effective as they age. Older batteries have a lower charging capacity which can limit the amount of usage time between charges, and it can cause unexpected device shutdowns. The "performance management" tool throttles your CPU when peak battery performance can't be obtained by your device.


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