Lock Screen

Get an iOS flashlight icon automatically in the dark


One of the most convenient features of the iPhone is the LED flashlight. While it's easy to switch on using the Control Center, it takes a few taps to make this happen. Since iOS 8 was launched the lock screen automatically offers app icons in the lower left corner. Now the jailbreak tweak Flash brilliantly combines these two features into one.

Launch apps directly from the iOS 9 lock screen

AppBox 9

There is no shortage of lock screen tweaks for those with jailbroken devices. For anyone looking to conveniently launch apps directly from the lock screen, AppBox 9 is worth a look. AppBox 9 updates the versatile tweak for iOS 9 devices, with the developer offering a free upgrade to existing users. Once installed, the default setup is ready to go. Besides the quick launch function, AppBox offers App Views to easily use key app features in a pop-up window. There are several settings and configuration options to customize the lock screen.


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