Auxo Tweaks Multitasking on the iPhone

We recently took a look at jLauncher, which upgrades the stock multitasking dock into a full screen control center. Although there are many of these tweaks available, Auxo brings app switcher redesign to a new level. The idea for Auxo was originally just a concept, but designer @Sentry_NC has teamed up with developers to make the iOS tweak reality.

Auxo tweak multitasking iOS

Auxo replaces the normal multitasking dock icons with versatile app cards. Besides offering a preview of each app, they can be removed by simply swiping down. No more holding an icon and tapping red circles individually. Tapping and holding one app card will give you the option to remove all multitasking and recently opened apps at once. Auxo will even remind you that an app is doing something in the background, such as playing music, and confirm the exit.

Tweak Keeps iPhone Status Bar When Multitasking

One thing that can be annoying is the default behavior of the iPhone status bar. For one, whenever you open the multitasking app switcher, the entire thing gets pushed off the screen. Is there really any good reason for this? Well now you can force the status bar to stay put even when you open the multitasking dock.

Keep status bar with switcher

The way to accomplish this is a free jailbreak tweak from Cydia called Status Bar Switcher. In order to install this tweak your iPhone must be jailbroken. Once installed there are no settings to configure, just respring and the status bar will stop moving off the screen.

Quit Multitasking iPhone Apps With MultiCleaner

Thanks to MultiCleaner iPhone users no longer have to manually quit each application running in the iOS multitasking dock to free up RAM and improve performance. Not only does the $0.99 jailbreak tweak make it possible to set up custom Activator triggers to quit all apps, it offers customization for multitasking dock behavior.

iPhone MultiCleaner tweak Cydia

Apps can be pinned to the left side of the multitasking bar for quick access, and app icons can be rearranged within the multitasking bar. When apps are not running but have been recently opened, the icon appears darkened, while actively running background apps are normally displayed.

How can I quit an iPhone app on the multitasking dock?

UPDATE: Click here for instructions on how to quit a running app in the iOS 7 app switcher.

Sometimes you need to free up resources such as processing power or memory on your iPhone or other iOS device. There are applications that run in the background in iOS 4 and once launched they will appear in the multitasking dock. Some recently launched applications don't actually run anything in the background but an icon will appear in the multitasking dock anyway. To quit apps using the multitasking dock:

Thrutu Launches Android Multitasking App for the iPhone

After receiving 250,000 downloads on the Android Market, Thrutu decided to bring its popular multitasking app to the iPhone.

The app allows users to share photos and important information with other Thrutu users without interrupting their conversation. This is a great tool for giving people directions by letting them know where you are. With the touch of a button, you can instantly send someone your location and view each other on a live map while talking on the phone. You can even snap pictures of landmarks to make it easier for your friends to locate their destination.

iOS 4.3.4 firmware update iTunes


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