How to Control Music with Banner Notifications

Everest is a jailbreak tweak that offers a new way to control the stock Music app or Spotify tracks. Once installed, any Activator gesture can be used to invoke a banner notification. Inside this banner is the title of the current track, and a small thumbnail of album artwork.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Everest

Music can be controlled from directly within the banner. Pause or play is accomplished by tapping the button, while skipping tracks forward or backward involves a swipe right or left. Tapping the song name will open the app which is currently playing music.

Get New Music Controls with Clex for iOS

Looking for an interesting way to control music playback on a jailbroken device? Clex for iOS 7 provides two different sidebar interfaces that can be accessed with a swipe from the side of the screen. Swipe from the left and view a list of all songs in the Music app.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Swipe from the right side of the display and playback controls appear, along with artist information and a list of songs from the same artist. In fact, both sidebar controls can be displayed at the same time, by swiping to show them both.

Access iOS Music Controls from Anywhere

Most iOS 7 users are probably satisfied with accessing music controls in the Control Center. For those looking for more features, Musiex can be installed on jailbroken devices. The tweak works in conjunction with Activator to provide track info and controls from anywhere.

iOS 7 jailbreak Musiex

Once installed, an Activator action can be assigned to Musiex, which will bring up a panel at the top of any screen. The panel appears in the same place as incoming notifications, and provides current track information including album art.

Resume Stopped Tracks in the iOS Music App

Ever notice that interrupting the stock Music app in iOS resets playing tracks? After closing the app or respringing the device, Music restarts all tracks from the beginning. Now with the free jailbreak tweak BookSong, track positions can actually be bookmarked to resume later.

iOS 7 jailbreak BookSong

With no options or settings to configure, BookSong adds the ability to resume where you left off to the stock Music app. Once installed, when a track is interrupted, the exact position when play was stopped is saved.


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