How to View Full Desktop Versions of Websites on iPhone

The Safari web browser on iPhone will identify itself as a mobile browser by default. As iOS users already know, this means many websites will deliver a mobile version of content to the device. Sometimes the mobile site is lacking in functionality or abbreviates information that is needed on the go.

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The built-in Safari browser includes a simple way to see full sites on the iPhone, by requesting the desktop version. Here are instructions on how to view a full site in Safari:

1. Launch Safari and navigate to the website displaying a mobile version.

How to Remove Frequently Visited Sites in iOS 8

Safari now automatically provides shortcut icons to the most frequently visited websites in iOS 8. Accessing these shortcuts requires opening a new browser tab. Some users may not want to utilize this feature, or don't want Safari keeping track. There are two ways to remove frequently visited sites.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak disable frequently visited sites

On a stock iOS 8 device (not jailbroken) the frequently visited sites can be manually removed. This involves navigating to Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data -> Clear History and Data. In addition to the frequently visited sites, all history and browsing data will be wiped. This step must be repeated, as frequently visited sites will reappear as Safari is used.


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