How to import your Chrome passwords into iCloud Keychain

How to import your Chrome passwords into iCloud Keychain.

The average person these days likely has many tens if not hundreds of username / password combos that are saved by (and even created by) Chrome or Safari. If you use both browsers you probably want Safari to be able to use the login info that you have stored in Chrome and vice-versa, because it can become a nuisance when you are trying to log into a service on Safari but you don't know the login because you originally created it with Chrome. Luckily macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (and above) lets you easily import your Chrome passwords to your iCloud KeyChain. Here's how to do it:

How to stop Safari asking for iPhone location

Safari location 1

Some websites want to know the location of your iPhone. In certain instances this can be convenient, as getting a delivery to your home or finding a ride would be impossible without your location. Other times it feels like websites are spying on your device, and asking constantly to know where you are walking, talking, and shopping. Make Safari stop nagging you for your current location by denying access, or by allowing Safari to share your location when needed.

How to quickly put Safari into dark mode on iPhone

How to quickly put Safari into dark mode on iPhone and iPad.

While iPhone and iPad have had a system-wide dark mode since iOS 13 and many third party apps have their own dark or night mode settings, there are still instances where the screen remains bright. One such instance that you've probably noticed is the Google search results in Safari, which can suddenly seem blindingly bright if you're in a dark setting and using dark mode. Before Apple developed its true dark mode people would use the "Smart Invert" and "Classic Invert" to emulate a dark mode.

How to manage multiple emails with autofill on iPhone

How to use multiple email addresses with autofill on iPhone and iPad.

Autofill is an undeniably useful feature that lets you quickly fill out the normally tedious registration forms on the internet that ask for typical items like name, address, email address and so on. If you have autofill set up properly, when you pull up such a form on Safari on iPhone, it will suggest your info depending on the field you are in. However, it will only suggest one email even if you have more than one, which most people do these days.


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