How to view your Safari reading list offline

How to use Safari's Reading List offline on iPhone and iPad.

The Reading List feature in Safari is a great way to set aside web pages to read later, rather than bookmarking each one or leaving a tab open for every article you want to peruse. Not only does it let you keep all of your to-read items in one place, but it lets you save them so you can read them offline as well. Obviously this is a useful feature for air travel or any time you might be in a remote location with poor connectivity. Here's how to use Safari's Reading List on iPhone and iPad:

How to use AR Quick Look to see what furniture, decorations and more would look like in your home

How to use AR Quick Look on iPhone and iPad.

To many people, augmented reality is likely associated with the ultra-popular (if somewhat infamous) Pokémon Go, in which players attempt to collect various species of the titular creature in real world locations, where the app renders the pokémon on the imagery provided by the camera. This kind of mixed reality has many more uses however, and the technology is only in its infancy.

How to manually enter personal information for Safari's Autofill feature

How to manually enter personal information for Safari's Autofill feature

Apple's iCloud Keychain is more than a native password manager - it keeps track of credit card info, Wi-Fi passwords and personal information as well, which allows Safari to autofill login prompts and credit card forms for you, and lets your iPhone automatically join remembered Wi-Fi networks.

How to enable favicons in Safari for iPhone and iPad

How to turn on favicons in Safari for iPhone and iPad.

Favicons (short for favorite icon) are the little website icons that appear in most browsers's URL bars, tabs and bookmark lists. Not only do they make a bland colorless row of tabs more aesthetically pleasing, they make the tabs visually distinguishable and thus much easier to quickly identify the tab you're looking for when many are open. They first appeared in 1999 with the debut of Internet Explorer 5 and quickly became standardized and supported by most other browsers.


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