T-Mobile iPhone Not Coming Soon, Despite AT&T Deal

Rumors of an iPhone on T-Mobile are nothing new. The recent agreement between AT&T and parent company Deutsche Telekom may have excited some T-Mobile customers looking to score an iPhone 4. After all, the $39 billion acquisition would form the largest wireless carrier in the US.

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Not so fast. Assuming the deal is approved by regulators, the merger would take 12 months. Until the merger is complete T-Mobile will operate as an independent company and has expressly stated it has no plans to offer the iPhone. So what will happen after the merger is complete?

T-Mobile iPhone 4 Coming to US Before October?

Talks between Apple and T-Mobile on bringing the iPhone 4 to a second carrier in the US are said to be in advanced stages, with an 80 percent chance that the device will be offered by T-Mobile by the end of September. Should this happen, AT&T would no longer be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone 4 in the United States.

apple iphone 4 tmobile

The anonymous source told Cult of Mac that T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, was influencing the talks. Deutsche Telekom carries the iPhone on its network in Germany.

Apple iPhone 4: Coming to T-Mobile Soon?

Forget about Verizon Wireless. The next US carrier to get the iPhone 4 after the exclusive AT&T deal is over could very well be T-Mobile. Rumors of Apple negotiating with Verizon won't go away, however it seems more logical that T-Mobile could be the next step for iPhone.

apple iphone 4 tmobile

Analyst Shaw Wu at the investment firm Kaufman Brothers made waves when he said he expects a T-Mobile iPhone 4 to arrive this fall. T-Mobile has compatible network technology and handles a variety of smartphones on its network. In fact, its parent company already has iPhones on networks in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Holland.

Analyst: T-Mobile iPhone in 2010

Speculation has been rampant over a Verizon Wireless iPhone, however a simpler path for Apple to expand its iPhone market would be to offer the device to T-Mobile. Doug Reid, an analyst at Thomas Weisel, sees this move as a logical step.

Apple already offers the iPhone through Germany's T-Mobile unit (T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom). The carrier has compatible wireless technology to AT&T and wouldn't require any hardware changes to the iPhone, unlike any move to Verizon Wireless.

Apple Officially Announces German iPhone Release on T-Mobile

Though we unofficially reported it way back on July 3rd, today Apple formally announced that the iPhone would be released in Germany with T-Mobile as the official and exclusive carrier. The iPhone is set to go on sale in Germany on November 9th, the same date as the UK release.

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Though there were rumors flying around a few weeks ago, thanks to a now known to be fake "leaked" German T-Mobile advertisement, that the iPhone that would be released in Germany would be not only 3G but offer 16GB of storage - this is now


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