ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD: Buy One Get One Free

One of ZAGG's most popular products for the iPhone and iPad is on sale while supplies last. The legendary invisibleSHIELD device protector is now offered buy one get one free, with free shipping to boot. The invisibleSHIELD is designed to fit each device perfectly, protecting the screen, back or entire body of your smartphone or tablet.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 5 sale

The material that comprises the invisibleSHIELD is strong, transparent and unlike any other screen protector on the market. For details on the installation process see this overview of installing the invisibleSHIELD on the iPhone 5. With ZAGG offering this product buy one get one free, you can protect more than one mobile device for half price.

iPhone 5 Gets Bumper Case Update From ZAGG

Remember the iPhone Bumper case? Apple sold millions of these in various colors to help iPhone 4 owners protect their devices. Not only this, but the company gave many of them away for free and sent customers refunds to help solve antenna problems. Now ZAGG has updated the bumper with its Perimeter case for iPhone 5.

ZAGG Perimeter case iPhone 5

The iPhone bumper never looked this good. ZAGG has crafted a light, translucent case that minimizes bulk and maximizes protection. The Perimeter case has a slightly raised side, so when you lay the iPhone 5 down on its front or back the device is fully protected from scratches. The aluminum bezel and sides of the iPhone 5 are also protected, completely covered by the Perimeter.

iFrogz Announces iPhone 5 Case with Slide-Out Dual Game Controls

iFrogz previewed the new Caliber Advantage mobile gaming controller for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch at CES in Las vegas this week. The iFrogz (a ZAGG brand) Caliber Advantage aims to give gamers a more accurate gaming experience by utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 to connect directly to the corresponding app. The case also features dual slide-out analog controls with crisp and responsive keys, and the ability to flip the device to play in portrait or landscape mode.

Zagg iPhone 5 Case

Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG, claims the Caliber Advantage "is a game-changer for the mobile platform".

"Everyone from hardcore gamers to casual players will enjoy and appreciate the control and function of the Caliber Advantage. We are committed to bringing creative product solutions to gaming with not only this revolutionary gaming controller, but also a full line-up of gaming-specific audio products."

ZAGG Offers 50% Off iPhone Accessory 2-Day Sale

One of the better deals has arrived with ZAGG's Cyber Monday 2-Day Sale. Almost everything in the ZAGG online store is 50% off on Monday and Tuesday November 26-27. This includes the highly recommended invisibleSHIELD iPhone screen and body protector.

ZAGG two day sale

The savings doesn't stop there, with additional accessories for any iOS or mobile device including iFrogz Cases, iFrogz Headphones, and ZAGGsparq portable battery chargers all 50% off. If you have an iPad or other tablet, the ZAGGkeys PRO and other keyboard cases are 20% off normal price. ZAGG routinely gets great reviews for its products, which complement any iOS device.

iPhone 5 invisibleSHIELD Review: How to Install

ZAGG is known for making high quality products that protect your mobile electronics without bulk. We've done in-depth reviews of the invisibleSHIELD for iPhone in the past. iPhone 5 owners are now concerned about Scuffgate and the anodized aluminum possibly scratching to expose bare metal.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 5 photo introduction

One way to protect the iPhone 5 and avoid the extra size and weight of a case is to install an invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG. Not only are these premium screen and body protectors durable, they are actually made of the same material used to protect military helicopter blades.


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