Users Reporting Problems With iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0

Apple sold over one million iPhone 3GS units in three days. Of course there are bound to be some problems. Reports are starting to come in of some issues and bugs.

iphone 3.0 3gs discoloration

The problem pictured above is a white iPhone 3GS that has overheated. The abnormally high levels of heat have discolored the white plastic on the back of the iPhone so that it appears pink.

No word on how common this problem is, however Apple does offer a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include problems due to abuse or damage from dropping the iPhone such as a broken screen.

Other users who have iPhone OS version 3.0 installed have reported that icons for different apps sometimes disappear or icons are showing up representing the wrong application. This bug was previously noted in the iPhone OS 3.0 beta versions.

One fix is to select all of the affected applications in iTunes so that when you sync the apps are removed from the iPhone. Then re-click all of the apps and re-sync to reinstall the apps to the phone.

Others are reporting that a restore of their iPhone using iTunes was necessary to correct the problem. Another fix that users have found for the missing/incorrect icon problem is resetting the iPhone settings.

To reset the iPhone settings go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

iPhone owners who have turned on parental controls have also experienced this problem. Turning off parental controls solved the problem, although this is not an ideal solution. Interesting to note that searching for the missing application using the Spotlight feature should find the hidden apps even while they are missing.

Of course we expect Apple will be releasing updates to iPhone OS 3.0 to correct these and other issues as they are discovered.


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Are these problems gonna be fixed before the 1st week of August?

I bought one 7/29/2009 3Gs 32 gb in manly black. It quit working i.e. would not turn off or on or charge or anything within four hours of purchase. My second one has been a bit glitchy but overall in the first ten 10 days has been great. Once while making a phone call it just went blank a soft reset alleviated that no issues. While update to version 3.0.1 got error messages and had to restore phone.

Just got a iphone 3Gs 32gb on Nov 15/2009. Had it for 2 days and it just blank out. I can't even turn it on. No respond when I plug in charger or USB. This phone is not worth it to get or use. Very annoying. I have to return this phone.

I have my new iphone 3GS 2 weeks and it will not let me use my contacts. Can get into my contacts but when I touch the screen it will not let me sroll or change. The rest of it is ok. Has anyone else had this problem??

Just got an iPhone 3G S 32g
I can not watch videos in Youtube.
Anyone had this problem?

I just got the 16g Iphone 3Gs (white) I havent had it for a month and theres a problem. When i call people they can hear me but i cannot hear them... (I can hear myself in the background). Whats the point of a phone? To talk to myself? Im very mad at the situation. I called Rogers and two people tried to help (Who seemed very nice and understanding) when i called the third time, a jerk said i had to "swap" my phone... he didnt explain what this was unitl i asked. Turns out, i wasnt going to have a phone until Rogers sent me a new one. I dont know about anyone else but my phone is my lifeline (Im a university student miles away from home). Its agervating that #1 my phone doesnt work and i now have to wait for a new one, #2 the guy was a total jerk (and rude) and #3 i spent 350$ on a phone that craped out in a month! (not even a month). I understand things happen, i try not to get mad at the people on the other line, but its hard when youre mad! Anyways, anyone have this problem with their phone, not being able to call anyone?

Went to sleep and the iphone 3gs 16b went into large icon mode, and i can not do anytihng to get it out. Anyone have any ideas?

Double Tap the screen with 3 fingers. Looks like you went into accessibility mode.

You are soooo wonderful! I had the same problem and your suggestion worked! Bless U!

YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you, Bro!:-)

Wow...worked like a miracle. I was so worried that my phone was kaput,,,had tried even with two fingers. Thanks

Great! was totally freaking out... now it works perfectly.. thanks !!


I had that probletoo. Go to itunes, connet your phone to itunes and on the main summary page for the phone on itunes, click on configure universal settings and change that to manual rather than auto. Hope that helps,..worked for me!

I bought the 3gs in November and it has been excellent until 3 weeks ago. Suddenly I have trouble calling out.....i constantly get a "call failed"......people have trouble hearing me, the texting is sluggish and needs to be resent several times, and the apps don't always work. This is my business and personal phone and I need to now what to do. Im so upset with it that I dont even want to pay the phone bill. For what? A phone that won't work. If they are going to charge the kind of prices they are charging, Apple needs to make sure the product works!

I have had my 3GS 4 days and this has been a common problem for me too! I always have service yet my calls are very distorted to the point of not being able to hear and my messages take several goes to send. Have you had any luck on finding out what to do?

I've got similar probs... Used to be fine anywhere inside my house but since 17th June I've had to make all my calls in the garden! It spends most of it's time and battery life searching for network. I've been complaining to my network (3) and am waiting for them to investigate. What network are you on?

I'm in the same situation. ....i tried updating to OS4 (thinking this may help), but to do this requires itunes update from ver 9.01 to 9.02... which, is not as simple as it sounds. The installation never completes and doesn't give any reason for why or how to fix the problem..... Result.... no updates for laptop or phone....
I'm with the Three network, which seems to be having reception problems of its own....
So, I'm very close to just sending it all back and telling Three I wont be paying further bills because our contract is NULL & VOID because they didn't hold up their end.
Honestly I had reservations about iphones before purchase (mostly due to not being an apple fan), however up until about 8 weeks ago I was quite happy with my phone, but now......
It REALLLLLY shouldn't be this hard to make a reliable product that lasts and is easy to use!
(.....i don't care that you say this is the "disposable age", that's NOT good enough)

Apple, Three, (....insert other offending companies here...), my humble suggestion... spend less on your ridiculous advertising & marketing budgets and funnel that into your products & services. If you provide us with truly great products and services, WE (the public) will do the rest.
You forget that getting us through the door is only the first step, you need to keep us there with consistent QUALITY products and services. Do this, and chances are we will be happy to stay with you for life! (and tell our friends too!!!)

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i bought one of these gadgets about 2 weeks ago and from opening it up i have no end of problems, first off i turned it on and followed the instruction manual of how to setup (download and use the latest version of itunes and also make sure you have an active internet connection) following any and all configuration instructions i encountered, after about 30 mins of being connected to my pc the iphone screen went black with a few vertical streak marks on the display, after a few seconds the apple logo appeared and the phone had just turned itself off and then back on again which i found quite bewildering, it has happened after i engage an app making a phone call or even just trying to plug it in to chargs, it repeatedly does this so it will not properly charge and the highest amount of battery life i can charge it to is around the 45% mark (since first full charge it has never managed to get past 50% due to the iphone turning itself off and on constantly). i thought it may have been caused when i first synced the phone and it updated to the latest software version so i attempted a restore to see if this solved the problem, and behold after it looked as though the process was finished it would not verify the restore so i was left with a phone in "restore" mode and couldn't do a thing with it, i have since managed to restore it but have lost a number of apps that came with the phone and i am still suffering from the mysterious off on problem. has this occurred to anyone else and if so what did you do to solve the issue or did it require a new handset?

I need Help
I can't log in my iphone 3gs
it just show the logo apple and stuck not work

hi there, i have the exact same problem, did you get it fixed or do you have a suggestion please...?

why my contact are not . visible. when i press phone switch, it shows clear all recents / cancel