How to Fix iBooks Error After iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak

UPDATE: iPhone developer pod2g blogged that an upcoming Corona update will fix "iBooks and other softwares having sandbox issues." We will let you know when it's released.

When jailbreaking iOS there are sometimes caveats and unintended consequences, although normally for enthusiasts the advantages of running new software take precedence. iBooks fans might have found that after liberating their device with the latest redsn0w untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak that iBooks ceases to work.

iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak iBooks error

Now there's a package available in Cydia that should fix the problem. Some users have reported no luck with the fix, but our team was able to fix iBooks using the procedure below. As always, jailbreaking and installing non-Apple packages is performed on your iPhone at your own risk! Here are instructions to fix iBooks after jailbreaking.

1. Make sure you've jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 untethered with redsn0w or Corona
2. Open Cydia and navigate to Manage -> Sources
3. Tap the Edit button then tap the Add button
4. Enter the repository address and touch Add Source

iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak iBooks error
5. Read the warning and select Add Anyway to proceed
iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak iBooks error

6. After the repository installs, use the Search function to find a package named iBooksFix2
7. Touch the Install button then tap Confirm

iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak iBooks error

8. iBooksFix2 will install and move iBooks files to fix the configuration error
9. Touch the Restart Springboard button
10. Reboot your iPhone
11. iBooks should now be working normally again


i followed every step...but still it doesnt work.....ibooks closes within 2-3sec..... any suggestion ???

Exact same thing happens to me. Open, closes within seconds. The "configuration error" message is gone, though.

Before doing the steps above, delete iBooks and then reinstall iBooks. This time, do NOT open it! Do the above steps, and ta-da!

tried it for 3-4 times .... problem remains the same :( ... its really getting my nerves :@

hi. I also faced the same problem with you guys until i did the following.
I followed every instruction given.
delete the ibooks and redownload fresh from app store.remove the ibookfix, ibookfix2.
Once you have finish downloading a fresh copy of ibook, DO NOT OPEN THE IBOOK
install ibook fix 2. make sure no errors when installing ibookfix2.
then reboot (this is the part that i got it wrong the first place) reboot is NOT pressing down the sleep button and slide to turn off..
you have to press both home and sleep button at the same time until you see an apple logo.
once it is rebooted, the ibook will work again.
Good luck.

3GS IOS 5.0.1 unthered redsn0w


press both home and sleep button at the same time until you see an apple logo

then sync. with itunes and all books are here.

How do I delete the ibooks app from my IP4? there is no x button

Pls help me in deleting iBooks app as it has stopped working and I'm not able to open it and also tel me as how to re install

Thanks for explaining the "KEY" to this fix. I did exactly what DTHCND instructed
deleted iBooks, reinstalled (DID NOT OPEN), reinstalled the iBooks fix, then rebooted my phone (NOT RESPRING) and ta-da!

I wanna asking about 'update for iBooks'
so, if we already installed 'iBooksFix2' and then, there's an update for iBooks(from App Store), what should we do? remove the 'iBooksFix2' and then update the iBooks from App Store, or just update the iBooks without removing the iBooksFix2?

thanks a lot :)

Download iBook fix from Xsellize, then SBSetting, in the setting scroll down and in system wide options, go to system options, and fix on top, then iBooks works!

hey dude just delete IBOOK from ur cell
dont install anything
like ibook fix 2 or something
if u have then uninstall it
then go to intallous. download ibook the cracked version
you ll have ur ibook

coz for me it worked
trust me

Exactlay same with me just disaapears after 2 seconds and i cannot sync books with itunes

Not working

i followed every steps....and it works for me :)
iPod touch 4 with ios 5.0.1 (untethered)

Absolutely does not work.

Did everything listed. I even did a restore and fresh jailbreak of redsnow b3 and made sure not to open iBooks and it still doesn't work. To make matters worse, you get and iBooks app icon that can NOT be deleted. Furthermore, when I go into the App Store to try and isntall iBooks to try again, it installs, but then I go back into the App Store and it is listed as not installed. Do it again, the same thing. Can't delete the native iBooks app that the iBooks Fix 2 creates, and I can't install iBooks from the app store or iTunes.

The only way I was able to fix this was to download the iBooks Fix for iOS 5 from the xsellize repo. That didn't fix iBooks either, but at least after I uninstalled it, it fixed what the iBooks Fix 2 tweak did, and I was able to get rid of that undelete-able iBooks native app that the tweak made.

Need a proper fix. I read A LOT. Appreciate the jailbreakers and their efforts. Just frustrated.

I am experiencing exactly the same thing you are describing. Thanks for letting me know how to remove the "undeletable" ibooks app. Strange that nobody has been able to come up with a fix for this.

SAme problem here... Ended up with 2 undeletable iBooks had to download the iBooks fix to delete them. I hope this gets fixed soon, I'm gonna try one more time, then move on to another solution somewhere else. I have been searching for solutions on almost every jailbreaking site. Its starting to get annoying.

Last attempt failed. I had removed all previous fixes, downloaded iTunes from apple again (did not open it) and tried repo's fix again, restarted springboard, rebooted iPhone, and this time the iBooks icon is missing entirely. Would anybody have any idea why this has happened, or if I have done anything wrong. Thanks in advance

The same thing has happened to me and it really blows! Have u found any news on the subject

Hey i just find out how to get ibooks to work on iphone4 5.0.1 unthetered with redsnow
very simple : get rid off the original (you dont need the original
install iBooks Fix for iOS5 from Xsellize , install or use your existing sbsettings from cydia and run Fix User Dir Permissions, respring und you have working iBooks again!

Thx. This fixed my issue.

Thanks! worked!

Thanks! Thanks! - worked!

ibooks fix ok (use Fix User Dir Permission from sbsetting). Thanks
But the facebook can not access. Anybody have the same my problem?

Thank You so much this solution! Iphone just wasn't the same without ibooks. Worked perfectly!

It works on iPhone 3gs too! thanks a lot dude! have been frustrated with this problem ever since I updated to ios 5 and jailbroke it

Thanks alot
it works with me

ya same problem here but did remove ibook icon. i just removed the ibookfix then reinstalled ibook even it still getting error on instalation but the cross on icon apear

Cool i just did the same and i was able to dlelete the ibooks app the bad thing its the othter apps like beyondprint reader need an special account and u cant only drad and drop to opened