iPhone 4S Audio Problems: Fixed with iOS 5.1 Update?

Some iPhone 4S users are experiencing a strange, involuntary mute when dialing out using their mobile devices. The problem is that the person dialing out can't hear anything on the other end of the line, not even a ringing phone. People receiving the calls can hear the iPhone 4S owner just fine. An Apple discussion page titled Outgoing call no audio started almost immediately after the iPhone 4S was released and has leap over to additional discussions.

iphone 4s audio mute call

Although Apple was quick to respond to complaints about iPhone 4S battery life being shorter than expected, there's no official word on whether or not a fix is in the works for the audio issue. Some iPhone owners who experienced the problem were able to correct the issue with a full restore. Others who have not had luck fixing the problem have begun to call the issue Audiogate.

After the iPhone 4 was launched and gripping the device a certain way inadvertently dropped calls, the issue was dubbed Antennagate. Apple moved to offer users a free Apple bumper case to alleviate the problem. Others did not experience the issue often or at all, and the iPhone 4 antenna design has subsequently been revised in the iPhone 4S. It's not clear whether or not the audio calling mute problem is a hardware or software issue, however some users have had worse luck when using the included Apple hands-free microphone when calling.

It was hoped that iOS 5.0.1 might help the problem, but this did not happen. A report from AppleInsider is pessimistic that Apple will issue a fix with the next firmware update. iOS 5.1 has already been seeded to developers, and it seems the update does nothing to address the audio problem. Until Apple makes an announcement on the issue, users will have to resort to temporary fixes to help resolve the issue.


ios 5.1 beta 3 seems to fix the audio bug. i made several calls and had no issue. i hope the audio bug is gone now.