An iPhone Toast for New Year's Eve

Waterford has been in the news lately as they have redone the crystal on the famous New Year's Eve ball for Times Square in New York. What you may not have heard is that the company has developed an iPhone app called Waterford Clink-Clink.

iphone app clink clink

Believe it or not, the application is more useful than it sounds. Besides displaying a virtual glass of champagne that tilts when your iPhone tilts, the app can be used for sharing contact information and social networking.

Apple Tablet: The New iBook?

New information has surfaced indicating that Apple will market the 10-inch tablet computer as an e-book reader in 2010. The latest buzz surrounding the device focuses on domains and trademarks registered indirectly by Apple such as iSlate.

However, if the Apple tablet indeed has its own App Store specifically for e-books, magazines and newspapers, why not revive the iBook name? With the iTunes platform Apple has already changed the face of digital music, and has recently moved into distributing film and television content.

Apple Could Launch 8GB iPhone 3GS

Rumors of an 8GB iPhone 3GS were shot down this summer after Canadian carrier Rogers accidentally made the nonexistent handset available on their website. Now an iPhone user in Germany claims to have received this packaging label on his refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G.

iphone 3GS 8GB

This may be evidence that Apple plans to ditch the 8GB 3G model for an 8GB capacity 3GS. The move would make sense as a new iPhone 4.0 model is expected in summer of 2010.

Apple Orders Tablet Components for 2010

Apple's legendary tablet device took a step closer to reality this week. Chinese component manufacturers have reported large orders from Apple for key parts of a touch-screen tablet computer.

According to DigiTimes, Innolux (a subsidiary of Foxconn) and Wintek will be producing 10-inch screens for Apple and could deliver them as early as March 2010. Wintek is currently Apple's main iPhone display manufacturer.

Get Sherlock Holmes on Your iPhone

With all the buzz over the latest Sherlock Holmes feature film there are more options than ever for iPhone owners to enjoy the books. Since they were written 100 years before the first Macintosh computer, the texts are in the public domain.

iphone ebook reader

With an ebook reader application like Stanza, digging into these great classic stories on your iPhone is completely free. A Study in Scarlet, the first story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to feature Holmes, is only 1029kB.


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