How to add custom commands to Voice Control on iPhone

How to create custom voice commands for Voice Control accessibility on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13 introduces a powerful new accessibility feature called Voice Control, that allows the user to accomplish just about anything that can be done through gestures by using verbal commands. While Siri can accomplish multi-step tasks like write a text or create a reminder, Voice Control not only does the same, but can also let the user thoroughly navigate through their iPhone using tap and swipe commands and a numbered grid overlay when necessary.

How to connect a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone

How to connect a bluetooth mouse to iPhone.

Due to popular demand from iPad users for mouse support, iPadOS obliged, adding support for both wired and Bluetooth pointing devices. iOS 13 did the same, adding the feature as an Accessibility option, so you can now connect your favorite Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone. Unless your favorite Bluetooth mouse is the Magic Mouse 2, which for some unfathomable reason, will not pair. The Magic Mouse 1 will connect though, and so will just about any other wireless mouse. Here's how to do it:

How to use Voice Control on iPhone

How to use Voice Control on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13 adds what is probably the most powerful Accessibility feature to date - Voice Control. Voice Control allows you to navigate around your iPhone or iPad and use apps without needing to physically tap or swipe at all. It gives you more control than Siri and, unlike the personal assistant, it can be used while offline. Here's how to set up and use Voice Control on iPhone:

How to turn off stereo on AirPods / headphones

iPhone stereo speakers

AirPods and headphones connected to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch normally deliver audio in full stereo. In fact, even the external speakers on recent models offer stereo sound. However, there are times when mono audio may be preferred. One reason why iPhone owners might disable stereo would be to share AirPods or a single set of headphones between two people.


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