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Download the Free Hunger Games iPhone App Before You See the Movie

Help Katniss defeat The Capitol with the new Hunger Games app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Girl on Fire is a teaser game from Lionsgate that pits you against Capitol hovercrafts and tracker jackers as you help Katniss Everdeen find her way home.

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The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire game is free from the iTunes App Store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later. Check out the teaser trailer below, and don't forget to check out The Hunger Games in theaters everywhere on March 23.

Withings iPhone Baby Monitor Makes U.S. Debut

Withings has finally brought their popular Smart Baby Monitor to the U.S.. The smart sensor allows parents to communicate with their baby by speaking through their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It also detects sound, movement, temperature, humidity levels, and is capable of switching on/off lullabies.

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The Withings Smart Baby Monitor features a 3-megapixel camera with night vision, extra wide view lens and a 4X zoom. It can be controlled from anywhere using a Wi-Fi hotspot, Ethernet cable or even Bluetooth. The two way microphone allows parents to hear and speak to their baby from any room in the house. You can even set an alarm based on the baby's movement, audio levels or temperature in the room.

iPhone Battery Case and Infrared Keyboard Not as Exciting as it Sounds

CES keeps rolling out the iOS accessories. You can check here for the latest iPad products being showcased in Las Vegas this week.

We've already previewed a few mobile charging devices that made their debut at CES, but how about a battery case that projects an infrared keyboard to make texting and emailing easier on your iPhone!

iOS rechargeable  battery

Celluon's Prodigy battery case and interactive keyboard isn't the prettiest looking thing, but the concept is cool. Unfortunately, Cult of Mac says using the keyboard only results in a "frustrating" experience. This is the first negative review I've heard coming out of CES, unless you count the electronic bag of morphing colors Engadget discovered on Wednesday.

60beat's GamePad Controller Turns Your iPhone and iPad Into a Gaming Console

The iOS accessory company 60beat has released a new gaming controller for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The $50 GamePad allows you to use a physical controller instead of the annoying onscreen controls of iOS games. Unfortunately it only works with two titles (Bugdom 2 and Aftermath) right now, but I assume there will be more GamePad compatible games in the future.

60beat iOS accessory

The GamePad is a great accessory if you enjoy playing games on your iPad at home, but I doubt anyone is going to want to lug this thing around. It resembles a PS3 controller with dual analog joysticks and 8 action buttons. There is no Bluetooth wireless option. The GamePad connects to your headphone jack with a 4 foot long cable. That's a lot to take on the bus, but maybe not such a bad idea for kids on long car rides. Especially since it doesn't require any batteries.

New Jailbreak Tweak Brings Multitasking Gestures to the iPhone

iPhone developer chpwn has created a new iPhone tweak called Zephyr that brings multitasking gestures to the iPhone. Zephyr allows you to swipe up from the bottom of any screen to access a multitasking switcher filled with your apps. You can then switch between multiple apps by edge swiping like the iPad allows you to do.

Chpwn says this is the most efficient way to multitask on the iPhone, and that more gestures will be added through future updates. The idea for Zephyr came from a UI concept video created by Max Rudberg. Zephyr is available now through the Cydia jailbreak store for $2.99.


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