AppleCare+ for iPhone X is a good idea

iPhone X

Now that the iPhone X has arrived, so have questions about its repairability. Even when taking every precaution, accidents can happen. While the iPhone X boasts the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone, it's still glass. What happens if the iPhone X gets damaged by a drop? Apple has revealed out-of-pocket repair costs for its flagship iPhone, and these numbers should lead device owners to seriously consider an AppleCare+ plan.

Repair coverage extended on original Apple Watch

Apple Watch Hermès collection

Apple has extended free repair coverage for separated back covers on the 1st generation Apple Watch. According to MacRumors, the service policy applies to devices brought to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider up to three years after the original purchase date. Separated back covers will be repaired free regardless of the device's AppleCare coverage or warranty status.


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