What devices support the new iOS 9.3 features?

iOS 9.3 Preview

All you hear about are all the great bells and whistles that are coming every time Apple releases a new beta for a major iOS update, but when the final version finally arrives people with older devices discover they can't access most of the promised new features. Trying to figure out what new features your device supports can be confusing. For example, on Apple's iOS 9.3 preview page it says you can "sort notes by date created, date modified, or alphabetically." This is true, but all the other new Notes features are found within the Notes app, while the sorting feature needs to be setup in the Settings app. New iOS 9.3 users could waste an entire day trying to find the "Sort Notes By" section if they have never used the Notes settings before. If you didn't think to check the Settings app you may have convinced yourself you're going crazy, or that your device doesn't support the new Sort By options.

Getting started with WhatsApp on iPhone

How to use WhatsApp on iPhone.

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging service that uses the internet to send messages and make phone calls to other WhatsApp users, regardless of where they are or what device they are using, provided they are connected to the internet. The primary advantage of WhatsApp is that messaging and calling over Wi-Fi is free (aside from whatever you pay for your own internet service, if that happens to be what you are connecting through).

How to listen to Amazon Prime Music on iPhone

How to listen to Amazon Prime Music on iPhone.

Amazon Prime, aside from the free shipping that prompts people to sign up for it, also gives its members free access to a lot of media, including movies and TV shows as well as music. With over a million songs from a wide variety of artists in its catalogue, Amazon Prime Music offers an ad-free, personalized listening experience with unlimited skips, pre-made and customizable playlists as well as genre radio stations.

4 ways to save web pages on your iPhone

How to save a web page on your iPhone.

When people come across interesting or useful web pages while browsing, the go-to method for saving them for perusal at a later time is simply to bookmark them. While this may be perfectly fine for an article you don't currently have time to read, bookmarking isn't always the best solution for webpages that you intend to reference many times in the future, as they may move to a new URL or be taken down altogether.


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