How to Let Others Share Photos on Your Photo Stream with iOS 7

Before iOS 7 users could only share photos with friends and family on their photo stream, but now you can give anyone you trust access to add their own photos to your albums. First you need to make sure the person you want to share photos with is listed in your Contacts and that they are set up to share photos. They can do this by navigating to Settings > Photos & Camera and turning on the Photo Sharing option. They will also need to have iCloud enabled to receive your invite to share photos on your stream.

iOS 7 Photo Stream

You can create a new shared photo stream by opening the Photos app on your Home screen and tapping the blue Shared button at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the blue + at the top of the screen and enter the name of your new stream. Once your stream has a name, tap Next and add the names of the people you want to share images and video with. Finally tap Create and the stream will be sent to the friends and family who you have added.

Add and Delete Calendars on the iPhone with iOS 7

The iPhone makes it possible to independently maintain several different calendars for separate event categories, such as work or home. Calendars can easily be added or deleted to accommodate individual needs and help stay organized each day, week or month. Every time a new event or appointment is added to the calendar, iOS 7 will provide the option to assign this event to a particular calendar.

iOS 7 calendar edit

To begin customizing the iPhone calendars, enter the Calendar app and tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen. The list of existing calendars and color codes will appear. To add a calendar tap Edit at the top left of the screen.

How to Crop an iPhone Photo in iOS 7

The stock iPhone Photos app has many built-in editing features. These make it possible to change and customize images right in iOS 7 before sharing or downloading the photos to a computer. One basic function is cropping, which can improve photos by recomposing what's visible in the frame.

iOS 7 crop photo tutorial

To begin cropping an image from either the iPhone camera roll or an album, start by opening the Photos app and viewing the image you wish to crop. Tap Edit in the upper right corner to get started. Next touch the square crop icon in the lower right corner to enter photo crop mode. From here, there are two options to shave off parts of a photo.

How to Update the Cydia Icon for iOS 7

Now that Cydia and MobileSubstrate have been updated for iOS 7, developers are working hard to bring their tweaks up to speed. In the meantime, there's one detail that has been overlooked. The Cydia icon still has an iOS 6 design, which doesn't conform to other icons on the iOS 7 home screen.

update Cydia icon to iOS 7 home screen

Of course, if your device is jailbroken the Cydia icon (or any icon, for that matter) can be replaced. By following the steps below, you can add this finishing touch to the iOS 7 jailbreak. Installing the new icon requires transferring files to the iPhone via SSH. For instructions on how to transfer files to your iPhone with SSH click here.

How to Customize the iOS 7 Control Center

Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 and A7 devices are about to hit full swing now that evasion 7 is available and mobile substrate has been updated. The iOS 7 Control Center is one feature that easily benefits from customization. Developer Ryan Petrich has released a beta tweak called FlipControlCenter that allows users to add several toggles to the Control Center.

Cydia Flip Control Center tweak

Jailbreakers will recognize this quick access to Settings toggles as a feature previously found in the tweak SBSettings. Even though FlipControlCenter is still in beta development, it integrates perfectly into the look and feel of iOS 7. Several pages of toggles can be accessed directly from Control Center, and certain toggles can even be made inactive from the lock screen for security.


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