How to make an archived backup of your iPhone

How to archive a backup of your iPhone in iTunes.

Regularly backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes is likely routine for most, but making an archived backup on iTunes probably isn't. The difference between the two is that an archived backup won't be overwritten by subsequent backups, which isn't the case with iCloud backups or automatic iTunes backups. Though usually not necessary, archiving a backup is essential if you plan to install an iOS public beta or if you think you might want to downgrade after installing a new iOS.

How to register for the iOS 10 Public Beta

How to register for the iOS 10 public beta.

Apple's recently announced iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra will likely launch this fall around the time that the iPhone 7 debuts, but both will be available for public beta testing at some point in July. As you know, early versions of any OS are often riddled with bugs that need to be weeded out before the initial launch. Apple's Beta Software Program gives you the opportunity to be involved in the process of discovering and reporting bugs.

How to stop Facebook from listening to your conversations

How to stop Facebook from listening to your conversations.

Facebook's regard for its users' privacy has once again come into question after a communications professor from the University of Southern Florida suggested that the media giant's mobile app could be using the iPhone's microphone to listen to conversations to glean information for advertising purposes. This would explain recent claims that ads pertaining to subjects that are spoken about while the app was open are showing up in people's feeds.

How to use Handoff between iPhone and Mac

How to use Handoff between a Mac and iPhone.

Handoff is one of the features of the Continuity suite that debuted with iOS 8 that lets you pass information between apps on different devices using a Bluetooth connection. For example, you could start an email on your iPhone, then hand it off to your Mac and continue from there. Handoff works with a number of apps including Mail, Messages, Safari, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Phone and Reminders, as well as some third party apps.

How to prepare your used iPhone for sale

Used iPhone lot eBay

Selling an iPhone on eBay or Craigslist can be a good way to make extra money. Often selling directly to a new owner can net more cash than a trade-in. In order to make sure your personal information is safe, and the iPhone does not have an Activation Lock enabled, its important to follow a few steps to prepare the device for sale. Once the iPhone has been removed from your Apple ID and erased, the new owner can jump right in.


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