What you need to know about the new Apple File System (APFS)

What you need to know about APFS.

In addition to a few minor new features and updates, iOS 10.3 will replace the almost twenty year old HFS+ file system with the new Apple File System (APFS), which was introduced at WWDC 2016. Though most of the advantages of the new file system will largely remain unnoticed by end users, it will make the Apple ecosystem more efficient, especially for developers, and will clear the path for better products in the future.


How to update to the official iOS version if you are in the Beta Program

How to install the official iOS release on your iPhone if you are in the Beta Software Program.

If you have joined the Apple Beta Software Program and are running beta versions of iOS, you may have noticed that Apple doesn't always push the official release once it is available. For instance, iOS 10.2 is available now, but your iPhone may be still be running the Public Beta 7 version and not alerting you that the final version is available. If this is the case, you can easily remedy this via iTunes. Here's how:

All-new Apple TV Remote app now available

Apple TV Remote iOS

The wait is over for Apple TV owners looking forward to a new remote control option. The official Apple TV Remote app has been released by Apple after being revealed earlier this year. Once installed, any compatible iOS device will function as a remote control for second, third and fourth-generation Apple TV set-top boxes. Not only does the app simplify text entry with a keyboard for search fields, it offers full control of media playback.

How can I stop my iPhone from asking me to install iOS updates?

Thankfully, yes. The answer isn't clearly spelled out anywhere, but is relatively simple. Unfortunately, if you're not ready to update, stopping iOS from constantly asking you to install the update means removing it from your phone. But don't worry, when you are ready, the download is usually fairly quick and painless.

To stop the nagging requests to install the update, do the following.


Apple Reveals Best of 2014: Most Downloaded Apps

The end of the year has arrived, and as usual Apple has released the top iPhone apps of 2014. Three categories include the most downloaded free apps, top paid apps, and the highest grossing apps of the past 12 months. Top billing in the free app list goes to Facebook Messenger, which separated messaging functionality from the main Facebook app. Both YouTube and Google Maps, which used to come pre-installed in earlier versions of iOS, also made the top 10 free apps.

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The game Heads Up! beat out Minecraft - Pocket Edition for the top slot in paid apps. Cut the Rope 2 followed up on its predecessor with a showing in the top 10 as well. Finally, the top grossing category was lead by Clash of Clans. Like Clash of Clans, other popular titles such as Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are free, but made the top grossing list thanks to in-app purchases. Here are the top 10 iPhone apps in each category:


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