Beware of In-App Purchase scams on the App Store

IAP scam fake subscription

News flash: the iPhone does not need a virus scanner, malware cleaner or any other bogus system security provided by an app. Third-party iOS apps are sandboxed, meaning they are insulated from the host system. Not only does this enhance security, but it means that any app claiming to perform a "system scan" is outright nonsense. Apps are not capable of scanning, cleaning or protecting any iOS device, including the iPad and iPhone. Despite this, Johnny Lin at Medium has found many of these scams alive and well on the App Store.

What you need to know about the new Apple File System (APFS)

What you need to know about APFS.

In addition to a few minor new features and updates, iOS 10.3 will replace the almost twenty year old HFS+ file system with the new Apple File System (APFS), which was introduced at WWDC 2016. Though most of the advantages of the new file system will largely remain unnoticed by end users, it will make the Apple ecosystem more efficient, especially for developers, and will clear the path for better products in the future.


Why is the Night Shift sunset to sunrise schedule missing on my iPhone?

Night Shift automatic schedule

Night Shift makes it possible for iPhone owners to warm the color of their displays at night. Some iOS users prefer to manually switch on this feature, which is designed to help improve sleep and match warm evening hues after the sun has set. Night Shift can also be invoked automatically, either on a timed schedule or based on the local sunset time. But what happens if the Sunset to Sunrise schedule option is missing from Night Shift settings?


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