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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Coming Soon

Ironhide Game Studio has announced that Kingdom Rush Vengeance is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. Vez'nan has returned and he is recruiting people to join his army. Fans can follow him on Twitter, and sign up to receive updates and other "cool stuff."

Westworld game now available for free on the Apple App Store

Westworld Mobile

It's always interesting when an adult television show or film is turned into a PG-13 money grab. Back in the 80s' violent films like Rambo and Robocop were routinely turned into cartoons for children. Now instead of cashing in on violence for children, mature series like Game of Thrones are monetized as freemium apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The popular HBO TV series Westworld is the latest to be transformed into a free-to-play game for mobile devices.

How to play as Marvel's Thanos in Fortnite

Thanos Fortnite

The hottest movie of the year is teaming up with one of the hottest games of the year as Marvel's Thanos joins Fortnite for a limited time starting May 8th. To play as the Mad Titan you will first need to enable the new solo mode "Infinity Gauntlet." The game will begin like any other Battle Royale but with one twist -- the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War will also be dropped randomly on the map. The first person to grab the gauntlet will be able to play as Thanos with all the power of the Infinity Gems.

Microtransactions are earning Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery negative reviews

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The first of two planned Harry Potter games for mobile has finally landed on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Jam City's Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG where players can participate in their own adventure set in the wizarding world. While many Harry Potter fans seem to enjoy the backstory of Hogwarts Mystery it's the microtransactions that are earning the game negative reviews.

Banner Saga 3 pre-order comes with Dredge Ally Pack

Dredge Ally Pack

The Banner Saga series is one of our favorite strategy games for the PlayStation 4 and iOS. The long awaited third game in the series has been announced and is now available for pre-order on the PC or Mac. Players who pre-order will receive the "Dredge Ally Pack." The pre-order pack includes the Stoneguard Kivi, who will join your party. Kivi includes a unique "tank" ability and hammer and chisel weapons. You will also receive the Dredge banner Heraldry, and an exclusive overture music track.


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