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How much does it cost to charge an iPhone?

The electricity costs of plugging in that iPhone charger can add up over time. So how much are we talking about to keep your iOS device charged for a full year?

According to Opower the iPhone 5 costs a total of $0.41 per year. The iPhone 4 came in even lower, at an annual electricity cost of 38 cents.

Compared to larger consumer devices such as notebook computers and flat-screen televisions, the iPhone is a power sipper.

More iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Surprises Come to Light

With the iPhone 5 rumor mill going crazy, it's easy to think that all of the hardware and software details have already been revealed. In reality, it's not until devices start getting into the hands of everyday users that some surprises crop up. For all of the rumored features that don't come true (like a totally waterproof iPhone 5, for example) there are always some unexpected positives that come our way.

Apple iPhone 5 black

For one, even though the iPhone 5 camera has the same basic specifications as the previous model, low-light photo quality is superior. Video quality comparisons have also shown the iPhone 5 camera to be a significant step up over the iPhone 4S. Of course, these reports combined with the fact that the front-facing FaceTime camera is now HD means imaging has taken another step forward on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Already Unboxed in Photos

Looks like one lucky Apple customer already received an iPhone 5 in the mail. While the rest of us are waiting until Friday for the first round of pre-orders to arrive, here are some unboxing photos thanks to a tip sent to BGR. So what does the unboxing tell us about the iPhone 5?

BGR iPhone 5 unboxing

For one, that's a new charger that has been redesigned to deliver more power to the iPhone while charging via the Lightning cable. The Lightning to USB cable is packaged along with Apple's completely revamped EarPods with remote. iPhone 5 owners will get the same EarPod carrying case that comes when they are purchased separately.

EarPod Teardown Confirms Several Improvements

Once a new Apple product hits the market, it doesn't take long for someone to disassemble the unit to see what makes it tick. In classic fashion, iFixit did just that to the EarPods, even though they are not designed to be opened or repaired. Despite this drawback, there are several design improvements beyond just acoustics.

iFixit disassembles EarPods

The EarPods are the first Apple earbud headphones to utilize paper cones in the speaker diaphragms as opposed to all plastic. Not only should this improve frequency response, but it results in a more durable speaker that will better resist tearing. Other durability improvements were also spotted in the teardown.

More iPhone 5 Lightning / 30-Pin Adapter Details Surface

Connector details continue to surface ahead of the iPhone 5 arrival next Friday. One of the biggest questions facing Apple was how to implement a smaller dock connector to replace the aging 30-pin design in service since 2003. We already know the Lightning 8-pin dock connector will be 80 percent smaller and completely reversible.

iphone 5 lightning

As it turns out, Apple decided to go with the Lightning proprietary design over micro-USB because the USB cables lack functionality. Engineers believed the disadvantages of losing the standard cable format would be outweighed by additional connectivity made possible by the Lightning cable, giving third-party devices more possibilities.


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